Canva Poster Making Competition

Alhamdulillah! As a follow-up to our Canva workshop, we hosted a Canva competition to provide a platform for our young and adventurous kids to try their hand at their posters and video. 

Children were to mention their Muharram goals in their poster/video, as it was Muharram. They also had to include related hadith or Quran ayats. Kids were marked based on font readability, content organisation, and relevant graphics.

Our excellent and creative students sent many great entries. They had put their utmost effort into every piece. It was truly hard for the judges to mark their work and pick the top winners.

Here we feature the winners of the Canva Poster Competition:

Azma, P2 Girls

Haniya, P3 Girls.

Winners from Canva Video Competition:

Hakeema from P1 Girls

Azeem from P2 Boys 

Sheikh from P4 Boys

Adam from P5 Boys.

We hope this competition was a platform for the kids to showcase their incredible creativity. Moving forward, we hope to train these kids to be able to unleash their creativity through different events.