Celebrating Our Stars Annual Day 2020

Celebrating Our Stars Annual Day 2020 was held virtually via Zoom on 6th December from 14 30 to 16 00 hrs. The event was a success and received positive feedback from the audience.

The event was open to the entire level and some from parents’ class and other levels’ and divisions’ ustazahs dropped by to join the occasion.

The purpose of this annual day was to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of our students who have memorized the Quran and to encourage more students to read, learn, understand and memorize the language of our Rabb.

During the event, we exposed the audience to many Quran ayats through interactive activities and sharing by their peers. We invited two of the students to share about their memorization journey, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them. They also shared some memorization tips from their experience to motivate their friends. Furthermore, we provided a platform for some of their peers to share their reflections about this year’s events and their resolutions for the upcoming year. The event went rather well except for minor hiccups with an activity involving annotation. In future competitions, we aim to better liaise and communicate with everyone since this was the first time the annual day was held online. We hope to continue organizing annual days to constantly encourage students to memorise and apply what they have learned from the Quran in their lives while serving as a reminder for themselves and those around them.

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