Children’s Day 2018

06 October 2018
26 Muharram 1440


Children’s day was observed at Madrasah As-Soabereen (Eunos) on 6 October 2018, through a  to promote welfare of children.


رضى الله عنهما كَانَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم يَأْخُذُنِي فَيُقْعِدُنِي عَلَى فَخِذِهِ، وَيُقْعِدُ الْحَسَنَ عَلَى فَخِذِهِ الأُخْرَى، ثُمَّ يَضُمُّهُمَا ثُمَّ يَقُولُ ‏
“‏اللَّهُمَّ ارْحَمْهُمَا فَإِنِّي أَرْحَمُهُمَا”

Narrated Usama bin Zaid (R.A):
Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) used to put me on (one of) his thighs and put Al-Hasan bin `Ali on his other thigh, and then embrace us and say,
“O Allah! Please be Merciful to them, as I am merciful to them.”

Hadith Sahih Bukhari, #6003

Euphoria was in the air as children from Pre-school to Tertiary levels were engaged in exhilarating mini-games booths that catered to the different age groups.


The Pre-schoolers thoroughly enjoyed the games booths that were set up for them. They especially loved the ‘Ping Pong Ball Relay’, whereby they had to compete with their fellow team before a winning team was emerged. Alongside, ‘Heads Up’ game motivated everyone to guess as a class the words that was creatively acted to them by their fellow classmates.

The games may have a simple idea of fun for these very young children but it carries more value than meets the eye. The games taught the students at young age to play with one another, to wait patiently for their turn and to cheer for one another through these games.

After playing the games, the children enjoyed some freshly steamed butter corn, accompanied with ice Milo. As an icing to the cake, at the end of the day, each child was given a party bag filled with items that they would love to simply celebrate Children’s day with. What would life be without the happiness and innocence that these children inject into our lives? May Allah (S.W.T) bless them all and guide them on a straight path. Ameen.


Similar to the Pre-schoolers, the Lower Primary students participated in the ‘Ping Pong Ball Relay’,
and ‘Heads Up’. Additionally, they also had mini-games booth; ‘Balloons Balanacing’. The games were made more challenging for them. Nonetheless, during ‘Heads Up’ game, the students acted out and gave excellent descriptions of the Islam-related words in Charades, which allowed their fellow classmates to guess the right words effortlessly. They also had fun racing with their friends by balancing the ping pong balls on spoons, and balancing the balloons.

The students enjoyed the Milo-dinosaur drink, corn cup and sugared donuts that were given during their tea-break. As a Children’s Day gift, the children were given a customized notebook that consisted of a notepad, post-its, as well as a pen. On top of that, Ustazahs also distributed goody bags with various snacks, chocolates, sweets, colour pencils, and crayons. The children received them, with beams on their faces!



As Quran has been sent as guide to Muslims, to increase their closeness to Quran, the boys commenced their day with Quran and Iqra’ lessons. The real fun only began after Asar for them, when they were divided into small groups and each got their turn at the 3 different mini-games booths set up by the Ustazahs. They enthusiastically participated at the ‘Ping Pong Ball Relay’, ‘Heads Up’ and ‘Balloons-touch Down’ mini-games booths.

Subsequently, the Lower Primary boys got to wind down with doughnuts, cup corn and Milo-dinosaur. To wrap up the celebrations, the Lower Primary boys received goodie bags which were lovingly prepared by the Ustazahs. All in all, it was a good mix of work and fun, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


Children from Primary 4 up till Secondary too had a lot of fun in the games that were set up for them. The games enabled the children to work as a team and bond together. ‘Protect your balloon’ taught the children to be considerate and not to harm others, whilst protecting their balloons from being burst.

As every one is a child at heart, the Upper Primary and above girls were also gifted with goodies suitable for their needs. This ranged from stationary to customized tote bags.




However old one grows, a heart that stays young will still have much energy to fill the shoes of a child.
Let us continue to be kind and appreciative of all.

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