15th November 2015

The event was held on 15th November 2015 in Masjid Darul Makmur, Auditorium & Level 2 Foyer. We had approximately 70 parents who attended and graced our event. Door gifts was given away at registration for all attendees. Every segment of this event carried an objective of its own. The event was started off by Qira’at Recitation by our very own student from Secondary 2 Girls class.  This was followed by an analytical speech through our Debate Competition. The debate topic was: In today’s society, people are giving more importance to worldly matters than religious matters. The competition had 8 participants who were trained by ustazas on the given topic. The objective of this segment was to give our students’ a platform to research Al-Quran and hadith on the given topic. It also served as a confidence booster to our students’ as they got the opportunity to speak in public.thumb_DSC_0369

Next up, we had an interactive games session in which parents’ took part. The objective of this segment was to get the parents involved and to make it an interactive event. After this, trophies was presented to our students who had memorised Surah Yaasin as well as prizes were given out to students who had shown outstanding performances in their class during year 2015. Our event was honoured by our respectable Hazrath with his eye opening speech. Refreshments was prepared at Level 2 open space. Hadith competition was held after break. We had 9 participants from P4G-Sec2G classes.thumb_DSC_0147

These participants were given a list of short hadiths to choose from. They had to choose 1 hadith, memorise the Arabic hadith, meaning and also explain it in their own words. The objective of this competition was to make our students memorise hadiths and to apply it to their life as well. During event, a short video done by our P4G and P6G students was displayed. The video carried a message on some important reminders such as caring about our neighbours.


The highlight of our event was Visual Quran Exhibition which was displayed in Level 2 Foyer. The exhibition was based on Surah At-Takathur. In Surah At-Takathur, Allah swt mainly says about how our worldly competition to increase distracts us away from Allah’s path and also away from our preparation for Aakhirath. The objective of this exhibition was for everybody who attended our event to go back home with a message from Al-Quran. It also served as a good reminder for all. We aimed to create awareness on how we subconsciously think of temporary things in our life as permanent This exhibition was opened not only to the parents who attended our event but also to all our Madrasah’s teachers and students for viewing.

Alhamthulillah! The event was a successful one with more to come, Insha’Allah!

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