EBH Camp

19 April – 21 April 2019
13 – 15 Sha’ban 1440H

Camp Day 1

Alhamdulillah! We started off the camp with a blessed Jumu’ah prayers at Masjid Darul Aman. After lunch, we headed off to the Thye Hwa Kwan (THK) Moral home for the disabled. During the visit, our students interacted with the home residents from age 7 to about 60 years old. The residents were excited and did colouring and solved jigsaw puzzles with our boys while they interacted with them. Some of these residents joined in to have fun through a mini bowling and hoola hoop activities.

However, the more active residents came forward to play ball games and table tennis. They had a great time with our boys and enjoyed themselves. Our boys made a birthday card for the April born residents and we sang a birthday song for them. They felt really thankful for the time and interaction we had with them as we bade farewell with a heart-warming smile.

As for our boys, although they felt sad for some of the residents and their conditions, they were very grateful to their Almighty for the blessings they were bestowed upon and for being a part in bringing smiles across to the residents by their visits. We were glad that our boys ended their day 1 camp with such a good deed.

Camp Day 2

We kicked off our Camp Day 2 actively at East Coast Park at 7.30am after our Morning prayers. Although the boys initially seemed sleepy and cranky, the moment they saw the empty field, they immediately formed into groups among themselves and started showing off their soccer skills. Some were busy trying to rent bicycles while some others played badminton. To keep their energy level high up, breakfast and ample drinks were readied. By 11.30am, we decided to head back to Masjid Darul Aman as we had to get ready for our Nisfu Sha’ban – Khatamal Quran event.

After their quick shower and lunch in masjid, they started with the Quran recitation individually. Alhamdulillah, we aimed for our boys to khatam two Qurans. They were very dedicated to ensure they completed their respective assigned Juz. What a blissful sight at our masjid with all our students reciting Quran in Jamaath. Subahaanallah!

We concluded the event and was announced that we managed to Khatam 65 Qurans!!! What an achievement! May Allah SWT forgive our shortcomings and accept this deed that we all did together. Ameen, Ya Rabbal Aalameen.

Camp Day 3

Alhamdulillah on our Day 3 of our camp, we started off our normal routine after our morning prayers with Quran recitation and some indoor activities with our boys. Thereafter, it was time for breakfast and a quick recap of all our achievements in the past three days. Ustads reminded everyone on being eternally grateful for what our Almighty have bestowed upon us, without comparison to other people. We believed that our boys will definitely be looking forward to the next camp!

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