Eid Gathering 2018!

14 July 2018
01 Zul Kaedah 1439


IMSSA’s East Division which runs the east branch of Madrasah As-Soabereen, held its first Eid Gathering at Masjid Darul Aman on 14 July 2018. The aim of the gathering was to enlighten and orientate the parents to our madrasah classes’ (Nursery to Primary 3) syllabus and curriculum.



Approximately 100 parents graced this event. Our guests for the day were welcomed with pocket-sized mason jars filled with black cumin seeds, specially hand-packed by our Ustazahs. To edify the parents knowledge with Prophetic Medicine that has numerous health benefits, black cumin seeds was introduced to them, which intrigued many.



Two Pre-schoolers, Raeefa and Ihsan, started off the event by reciting Surah Al-Fatihah and Surah Ad-Duha, melodiously from Al-Quran. After which, to ensure that the parents are aware of the expectations set for the children, the Ustazahs shared about weekly class activities, aims and targets for the Preschool to Kindergarten levels.



The atmosphere for the Eid gathering set in with a nasheed performance by the Preschoolers titled “Happy Eid, Happy Eid”. Awestruck by the adorable coordinated performance, many parents captured it for remembrance. To further engage the parents, the “Heads Up” game was played as a parent-child activity, with three spontaneous parent-child pairs. Each child gave excellent descriptions of the given words which allowed the parents to guess the right words effortlessly, despite the excited students shouting out the answers in the background. It was definitely an entertaining game. The first segment was concluded with the winners of the “Best Dressed Class” contest and “Best Eid Photo”’ contest, receiving hamper prizes from Ustazah Irfana.



Post tea-break, the parents became energised for the next segment of the event that commenced with another nasheed performance by the Primary 3 Girls. They beautifully sang “Tala’al Badru” with happiness on their faces, which further simulated the delight in the air whilst the sahabas welcomed our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).



The closure for the Eid gathering coinsisted of a sharing by Ustazah Nasuhah and IMSSA’s Director, Hazrath. Ustazah Nasuha shared on the milestones reached by IMSSA since its establishment, the syllabus covered thus far and the targets set for the lower primary level for this year. She also encouraged parents to continue to work together for the upcoming years, for the betterment of the future generation.



Hazrath made an impactful speech at the end by outlining the challenges IMSSA has been facing to gather the Indian Muslim community at the Masjid. He highlighted that the different activities like Iftars are organised to involve Indian Muslims to serve the needy and the less fortunate. He also encouraged parents to regularly i’tikaf (stay) at the Masjid together with their children; as they play a big role in guiding their children towards the right path.



Do continue to do more good together as a big family, for the betterment of all in this world and the Hereafter.

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