Eid Gathering 2018!

15 July 2018
02 Zul Kaedah 1439


To celebrate Eidul Fitr in Hijri 1439 as a big family, the Ustazahs from Level 2 to Level 4 at Madrasah As-Soabreen (Central Division) hosted an Eid Gathering at Masjid An-Nahadhah on 15 July 2018. The celebrations that was held at the basement between 2.00pm to 6.30pm was graced by nearly 100 parents.



Our guests for the day were welcomed with small mason jars filled with black cumin seeds, specially hand-packed by our Ustazahs. Black cumin seeds have numerous medicinal values yet, many are unaware of this Prophetic Medicine. Nonetheless, by attending our Eid Gathering, many parents learnt about the black cumin seeds that have numerous medicinal values. The first segment for the day commenced with a kindergartener’s melodious recitation of a surah.


Thereafter, to brighten up the atmosphere for the Eid gathering, the Pre-schoolers performed a nasheed titled, “Happy Eid, Happy Eid!”. The audience had the widest smiles on their faces as the little ones sang the first few lines. Numerous parents were quick with their cameras to capture the Pre-schoolers performing. Subsequently, the best-dressed contest was conducted to encourage the children to wear their best traditional clothing that also covers their awrah. Prior to the Eid gathering, there was also Eid photo contest. Owners of the top three photos that captured the essence of Eid in a creative manner were declared winners and gifted with a big hamper. Euphoria was in the air.


Thereafter, Arabic Fiesta was hosted by our Upper Primary and Lower Secondary girls, during which they showcased their Quranic exhibition to the parents. They enthusiastically explained the history of the Qur’an, the tajweed rules to be applied whilst reciting the Qur’an, alphabets and numbers. The booths also had interesting and exciting games and quizzes to captivate the parents’ attention. To engage the parents, who preferred minimal movement, there were also audience games such as ‘4 Pics 1 Hadith’ that was very engaging as well!


Soon after Asar prayers, there was a scrumptious spread for our guests. Many enjoyed the variety of food that was served. Also, it was a great time for parents to interact with one another over the meal.


After a hearty break, the second segment was hosted by the Lower Primary level Ustazahs. Masha Allah, a student from Primary 3 recited Surah Bayyinah melodiously. Following that, was a sharing session, where two Primary 4 students shared their personal experience since joining madrasah and about their productive Ramadan and Shawwal, including their first-hand experience of helping out during iftars. Alongside, a parent shared her personal experiences and the knowledge she has gained from the Parents class as well. Subhanallah, it was really heart-warming to learn the positive impacts of madrasah in students’ lives that have been moulding them to be better Muslims.


As parents may be struggling with the right parenting techniques, Ustazah Saburnisa enlightened the parents on the advice that can be gleaned from Surah Luqman, which highlighted tips to discipline and groom our children.


Towards the end of the segment, Ustazah Aneesa thanked the parents for their support during our Harmony Iftar through a video that captured all the iftar events. Following that, Ustaz Ali Atan, the Chairman of Masjid An-Nahdhah, gave an enriching speech with three main takeaway points for the students – to relive the sunnah of Prophet (SAW), to develop and cultivate good moral values and to use time wisely when we are still young and energetic! Last but not least, IMSSA’s Director, Hazrath outlined and highlighted that the different activities like Iftars are organised to involve Indian Muslims to serve the needy and the less fortunate. He also encouraged parents to come to Masjid together with their children as they play a big role in guiding their children towards the right path.


As the finale for the Eid gathering, the Primary 3 Girls and the Qirath Team showcased a nasheed performance, titled “Tala’al Badru” that intrigued everyone’s imagination on the level of excitement that all the sahabas would have had, whilst welcoming our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). As a whole, this event was a success in reaching out to celebrate Eid with the parents!


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