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Year End Refresher & Retreat

Date : 31/12/2016,

Time: 9am – 1pm

Venue: Masjid Darul Makmur


Assalamu alaikum wr wb!


Yishun Boys Hub, YBH for the first time organized the year end Refresher Course & Retreat for Ustazs and student leaders on the last day of 2016.

The objectives of the year end Refresher & Retreat was aimed to have a get together of the boys volunteers in Yishun madrasah and also to have head start for the year 2017. The event was attended by 35 participants.

The event was an opportunity for the student leaders to have a head start of the changes to our YBH structure, curriculum and also updates on our madrasah events. Along with the updates on administrative matters, talks on topics on teaching methods were also conducted.

The event started with morning snack of coffee and sandwich. Our student leader Farid did an introduction of the event and talked about the culture and values of our madrasah. The participants contributed their view on culture and values. The discussion turned out to be the ice breaker for the event.

The second speaker Ustaz Ibrahim talked about our objective ‘An Imam in Every House’. The topic covered on our madrasah’s roadmap on achieving success. Ustaz also covered in the administrative matters and the new changes to YBH. Ustaz ended by urging everyone to come to madrasah with happiness and also to build a culture where students will also look forward to come to madrasah.

The next speaker Ustaz Azhar spoke about ‘Knowing your students’. The topic covers the family, medical and also the personal issues about every student. Ustaz spoke on the ways the student leaders can know their students under their guidance. He also gave some ideas on how to conduct ice-breakers to engage the students. Ustaz ended by talking about Time Management.

The last speaker Ustaz Sultan introduced a new learning concept which is cooperative learning techniques. Ustaz covered on the various ways to learn, teach and be engaged in lessons. It was a new knowledge for the student leaders as this topic is only covered for teachers in schools. It was a great opportunity to know about different learning techniques. Ustaz ended by talking about commitment and 5 years target.

The event ended with a delicious lunch followed by bowling at Safra Yishun.

Indeed, it was a memorable learning experience for all those participated as they have learnt the different teaching techniques & learning styles.

In shaa Allah, May Allah (swt) shower his blessings on every subsequent events. Aameen


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