Festive Hotmeals Distribution – Deepavali

Alhamdulillah! The month of October was filled with joy for many residing in the Nee Soon Central, Zhenghua and Brickland estates as we approached the festive season.

As part of our monthly Hotmeal Distributions, our volunteers from the 3 teams prepared and served approximately 500 pax of scrumptious Indian food such as briyani, payasam and murukku! They put on their Indian festive clothing, bringing more colours into the festive mood. On top of that, they set up various Indian-cultural booths to allow residents to learn about the unique Indian culture practiced in Singapore. Flower tying, murukku making, henna drawing were some of the many booths set up. The residents participated actively and enjoyed themselves. It gave us immense pleasure to see children, families, elderly, neighbours and people of different races coming together to spend quality time.

We hope to create more platforms for the people in our community to promote racial harmony and social cohesion. May Allah (S.W.T) continue to provide us with the strength to contribute to our society!