Fiqh & Seerah Competition

23 September 2018

13 Muharram 1439

The Fiqh & Seerah Competition began with an objective which is to provide a competitive platform for all students of different levels to showcase their knowledge and skills.  Students were able to display their talents in the name of Athaan Competition, Speech Competition and Islamic Quiz Competition.

The multiple categories allow students with particular interest to make a choice. This platform maximizes at least 50% of individual class participation. Qualifying rounds were conducted in individual class and finalists were shortlisted for the final competition. Students participating in the rounds have shown progress in confidence and willingness to improve their knowledge and skills.

With increased students’ participation in the final, more parents attended during the actual day.  The decoration team has made an impressive and creative effort creating eye-catching banner. The IT team wowed the audience with the incorporation of technology making the event engaging. Our boys prepared home-made dish:  Pulao Rice with Butter Chicken themselves. Parents shared compliments about the food and efforts put up by our team. The meaningful event ended successfully at 6.15pm.

Insha Allah, we hope to have more such event to encourage our students.

Jazakallah khairan

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