Haj exhibition 2016

4th September 2016 IMSSA NYM Youth and Little Hearts organised fantabulous learning Haj exhbition at Bishan An Nahdah Mosque Atrium.

An extraordinary success in instilling the  knowledge of significance of Hajj. It aims to broaden the visitors’ knowledge about Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam.

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All levels ranging from young to adult learners  impart their learning with the Haj models placed at different stations.

The Haj exhibition booth focused on

  • The importance of Haj
  • The Haj DO s and DONTS
  • Day by Day activities on Haj
  • Enhance the visitors learning by the models of KAABA, MAQAMAE IBRAHIM, ZAMZAM well, the “hill” version of Mount Arafa, Safa and Marwa and miniature tent of mina and mudzdalifa

The programme theme had enriched and fruitful learning for  everyone “ Who/What is Your Ismail?



In order to achieve contentment one needs to search perfection

To be able to sacrifice  what one loves the most need patience

And patience is attained by awareness and knowledge of Allah(swt)

Alhamdulila Hajj exhibition enabled the viewers  to identify the who/what is the ISMAIL that

They want to sacrifice to achieve life contentment.



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