Hajj Exhibition 2019 (Eunos)

27 July 2019
24 Zulkaedah 1440H

Alhamdulillah. Eunos Boys Hub had our Hajj exhibition on Saturday, 27 July. It was a presentation put up by our Secondary level boys. Students & parents had a great opportunity to Tawaf (circumbulate) around the Ka’bah model, take part in Ka’bah Colouring/ Drawing Contest, play the stone throw game at Jamrath. Zam Zam, Honeystix & Quranic bookmarks were goodies given to all participants.

Some of the other booths presented on how Allah s.w.t. has blessed us in terms of transportation from the past to the present to travel to Makkah, to fulfill the places and rites of Hajj. Participants also learnt on how to mentally, physically and spiritually prepare if they intend to go on Hajj.

Alhamdulillah! Everyone had the chance to learn about Hajj as a lifetime experience and Insha’ Allah revive their niyyat to do Umrah and Hajj.

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