Hajj Exhibition 2019

28 July & 4 August 2019
25 Dhul Kaedah & 3 Dhul Hijjah 1440H


Hajj Exhibition 2019 was a collaboratively organized by the Primary 4, 5 and 6 classes under the Yishun Boys Hub (YBH). The intense preparation and planning for the exhibition were carried out across a period of 4 weeks prior to the exhibition dates. Continuous motivation and assistance was provided by the respective Ustazahs and Ustazs teaching YBH Primary 4, 5 & 6 classes. Additional aid and assistance was provided by the respective class ameers and students. The Hajj exhibition was eventually held on two Sundays prior to the commemoration of Eidul Adha. The dates of the exhibition were 28th of July (Boys) and 4th of August (Girls).

The objectives of the Hajj exhibition were (i) educate visitors (students/adults) on the rationale of the Hajj pilgrimage for a Muslims, (ii) educate Muslims on the procedure of the Hajj pilgrimage, and (iii) highlight and recall several historical moments which are embedded within the Hajj pilgrimage. These objectives were formulated so as to allow everyone to have a better understanding of the fifth obligation in Islam- Hajj.


Several booths depicting the significant places during Hajj pilgrimage, were crafted and displayed by the Upper Primary classes, which included descriptions of those places. Furthermore, some booths had stimulated environment to perform activities that enabled visitors to relate to the actual pilgrimage experience.

A stimulated activity that increased the participant’s intent to visit Allah’s how was the donning of Ihram activity. It allowed the visitors to have a feel on how the Ihram is worn during the days of Hajj. Another interesting activity was the balloon shaving activity. This activity aimed to provide visitors with an experience of how shaving of hair is done, after the fulfillment of the Hajj pilgrimage.

Additionally, a fruits booth was set up to educate visitors on the health benefits of the fruits which are mentioned in the Quran. Visitors were also granted the opportunity to consume the fruits which were deliciously prepared by Secondary 3 and 4 Ustads in-charge.  

With the wide range of activities planned and executed by the Upper Primary boys classes and their Ameers, the exhibition successfully engaged both the young and old. Feedbacks received were mainly congratulatory, which enlightened the hearts of those involved in the Hajj exhibition. Critical feedbacks were also analyzed to identify areas of improvement for similar events in the future.

We would like to thank everyone who made this event possible and hope to contribute in conducting more of such beneficial events in the future.

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