Hajj Roadshow 2019

4 August 2019
3 Dhul Hijjah 1440H


Due to the oncoming Eidul Adha, Madrasah As-Soabereen (Bishan), once again held its Hajj Roadshow themed, “An Uncertain Heart.” During this roadshow we wanted to show how Ibrahim (A.S), found his rabb through the following quran ayats:

The theme for this year was based on the following hadith:

Who created me, and He guides. And it is He who feeds me and gives me drink. And when I am ill, it is He who cures me.

As-Shu’ara (26): Ayat 78

There were a total of 12 booths that provided different reminders

  • 1. 3 types of Nafs ( Nafs Amaarah, Nafs Lawwamah and Nafs Mutmainnah)
  • 2. Rabbun
  • 3. Al-Musawir
  • 4. Al-Khaliq & Wahdaaniya
  • 5. Al-Haadi
  • 6. Al-Waali
  • 7. Ar-Razzaq
  • 8. Al-Hayyu & Al-Hayyan
  • 9. Humankind
  • 10. Haj Models
  • 11. Conclusion
  • 12. Kids Booth

The first booth raised awareness of the 3 states of Nafs and what lead them to either Nafs Amaarah, Nafs Lawwamah or Nafs Mutmainnah. Hence, they could identify their current state of Nafs; directing them to reflect and work towards achieving the best state – Nafs Mutmainnah.


The next booth on Rabbun portrayed the importance of knowing our Rabb and shared several traits of our Rabb, who is our Master Nurturer.

The third booth, Al-Musawwir, tried to convey Allah as the Most-Aware and Best Listener through an analogy of how when we an embryo develops into a fetus inside a mother’s womb. Though the fetus can minimally feel that his/her mother is always around, the mother provides the needful for the fetus.


The following booth showcased Allah’s creations on a scale of 10-15 to 1026, from creations as small as atoms to as large as the universe; on a logarithmic ruler on the scales of 10. More than 20 creations mentioned in the Quran including seeds, cells, spiders, whales and the galaxy were made in a 3D model, accompanied with their names in English and Arabic, and relevant Quran ayats. As a result, students were able to realise the oneness of God and appreciate Him as Al – Khaliq, the creator.

The fifth booth, Al-Haadi, the guide, was represented through the life scaled Quran. Using Quran to guide one’s life, without giving in to worldly distractions, was the intent. The booth on Al-Waali, made the students feel that Allah is our protecting friend via a shield concept. The next booth, Ar-Razzaq, illustrated Allah as the bountiful Provider, enabling participants to sense His endless blessings.

The eight booth, ‘Al-Hayyu and Al-Hayyan’, The Sustainer and The Ever-Living, was about the afterlife that comprises of the heaven and hell. Based on the questions an individual picked from the question board, their actions made them realise the importance of consistently doing good.

The booth on Humankind offered the participants with an immersive experience of reinstating their purpose of their lives. This was shown through a conversation between the Ruh(Soul) and the Body whereby the Ruh advised the Body on the ultimate truth but the Body tried to deny it. To show its significance, it was backed by Quran ayahs. The tenth booth showcased the 5 days Haj rituals along with the instructions that the pilgrims will be following at each ritual. 3D Models of the Ka’abah, Mina, Arafat hill and Madina were constructed and displayed for the audience to understand how these places look like.

The concluding booth, encouraged students to take a moment to reflect on their own hearts. A 3D model of an hourglass along with the three nafs were visually shown. “Sand” (sugar crystals) were poured into the hourglass as students wrote down on the board their steps to become a better soul. Achieving nafs-e-mutma’inna is indeed a battle. It is a state of pure tranquillity. May Allah (S.W.T.) guide each and every soul to achieve nafs-e-mutma’inna. Ameen.

We would like to thank everyone who made this event possible, and may Allah guide us to be one of those who only do good the society.

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