Hari Raya Hamper Distribution 2023

Alhamdulillah, during the blessed month of Ramadan, our IMSSA volunteers were involved in many different community activities and one of them was the Hari Raya Hamper Packing project. To spread love and joy to the needy families near us, we distributed hampers containing many goodies specially prepared for them.

Over 3 days, our IMSSA volunteers gathered at Yishun Vine Park Residents’ Network to pack a total of 125 hampers. Despite the project being held in fasting month, our volunteers showed their love and passion to serve the community and spread joy amongst one another. From ordering, to arranging, to securing and transporting the hampers, the smiles on residents’ faces indeed made all their time and effort worthwhile.

In the last week of Ramadan, we went on to distribute the hampers to the residents in the Nee Soon GRC constituencies – Chong Pang, Nee Soon East, Nee Soon Central, Nee Soon South and Nee Soon Link. Minister K Shanmugam, Prof. Faishal Ibrahim, Advisors Louis Ng and Derrick Goh managed to join us during our distribution and seeing families receive the hampers with big smiles and happiness gave us much satisfaction!

Alhamdullilah, once again for getting this opportunity to connect with the community to show love. May Allah (SWT) accept our good deeds and give us the strength to serve the community, consistently. We hope to reach out to more people in the future, Inshaa Allah!