Health Carnival-cum-Women’s Day 2018

18 March 2018
30 Jamadil Awwal 1439


Health Carnival 2018 was indeed a first mass initiative by our very own IMSSA Healthcare and Fitness Team that was co-organised with the Kampong Ubi Community Centre. It was done in conjunction with International Women’s Day, to celebrate the women in our lives. The event graced by Grassroots Advisor, Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Dr Intan Azura, reached out to a crowd of approximately 1300 people. 


The objective of the Health Carnival-cum-Women’s Day 2018 was to enlighten the community to take charge of their own health; to create a single platform for the public to do and/or sign up for various health screenings, all at one place; and to create awareness on the need to be health conscious and self-responsible for one’s health.
 The event further enforced healthy lifestyle through the healthy scrumptious breakfast and lunch spread cooked and provided by our IMSSA volunteers. 



Event highlights

Mass Exercise

The event kick-started with a mass exercise provided by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) at 8am; reminding the attendees on the need to regularly exercise to stay fit. As water is becoming scarce due to being unnecessarily wasted, the exercise session incorporated water saving tactics so as to educate all on the vitality of water conservation.


Health Screening
Many individuals, especially those in their 40s and beyond registered for health check-up that commenced at 8am. The response was overwhelming as many individuals were streaming in for health check-up till 11.30am. The main components of the health check-up comprised of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidaemia.


CPR Training
Approximately 100 participants aged 18 years and above got to learn how they can play their parts in saving lives! These participants were neither CPR trained nor are they healthcare professionals! Many of the participants were Indian houswives who have never had any clue on CPR till they attended the event. Indians are prone to heart diseases in Singapore. Many shared on how the arms are strained due to CPR. Thus, we hope that the attendees will actively work towards prevention of heart diseases and be able to help save a life, when required. 


External Organization Booths
20 different organizations came in to put up health and social awareness booths. Some organizations that participated in were, but not limited to Ain Society, MINDEF, AIC, HPB, PUB, Jamiyah, PPIS, Club Heal, MCAS, Muslimah In Mind(MIM), SG care, Civil Defence, SSA, SCS, NUHS, Marine Parade Library, Absolutely Halal, NEA, MHPA and many others. Each booth showcased different aspects to healthcare and women empowerment. To engage and attract participants, some booth had interactive activites whilst others had free giveaways – certianly a good technique adopted by the various booths.


Health Talks
As females age, they are affected by 3 main health problems that includes diabetes, mental issues, mulfunctioning of senses. Thus, 3 different health talks were provided by different organizations to address the roots causes of the health problems and the ways to handle them. Hence, National University Health System (NUHS) did a talk on Diabetes, Club Heal did a talk on mental wellbeing, and Muslim Health Professionals Association (MHPA) did a talk on Oral, Eye and Ear care. Certainly, all the 3 talks were eye-openers for the attendees.


IMSSA Games Day
Children are full of energy. To encourage the energy being spent in being fit and healthy, our very own teachers came up with fascinating games booths for their students aged 4 to 12 years old. The kids also got to play in the bouncy castle that they very much enjoyed, despite the scorching hot sun!


IMSSA Health Booths
To cater to the kinesthetic learners, the Health Carnival also had interactive health booths, which many enjoyed. The interactive health booths were specially prepared and executed by IMSSA’s Secondary cum Tertiary level students. Prior to the Health Carnival, the student nurses, who are currently pursuing either their Higher Nitec or Diploma in Nursing brainstormed on interesting ideas for each of the 6 different health related booths. The booths including shooting the cure for a given illness, practising on proper flossing technique and completing a number of tasks whilst at least a sense is simulated to be impaired (building a Jenga structure in a minute with the eyes blind-folded). 


As the event has successfully created awareness to many, ranging from young kids to senior citizens, IMSSA Healthcare Team intends to work towards organising more health-related activities and develop a more informed society.


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