Health Talk: Common Orthopaedic Problems And Diseases

28 February 2016

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Thus, on 28 February 2016, IMSSA Parents Program (IPP) team members learnt something vital that will certainly aid them as they grow older. It was the day whereby Dr. Masoodh, M.S.ORTHO, shared his knowledge on common orthopaedic diseases.

Guest Speaker: Dr.Masoodh ,M.S.ORTHO

Dr. Masoodh engaged the estimated crowd of 90, with his enriching sharing session that was conducted in a jovial yet informative manner. Even before he began explaining the complexity of orthopaedic diseases, he commenced by simply defining orthopaedic diseases as, “any form of ailment or injury that affects muscles, ligaments and joints”.


He then proceeded to enlighten the crowd about some common orthopaedic diseases such as the infamous arthritis that has the following symptoms of limited movement, swelling and pain in connective tissues. He also went through some straight-forward yet effective prevention measures against orthopaedic diseases such as ensuring that the footwear that we use fits properly and is not too tight. Otherwise, foot discomfort can be experienced.

The talk truly appraised the severity of many orthopaedic-related diseases and taught them not to underestimate the slightest warning signs of the painful disease; no matter how minor it may be.

An attendee clarifying with Dr. Masoodh


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