Picnic At East Coast Park With Our Elderly!

17 March 2018
29 Jamadil Awwal 1439


IMSSA North Division’s Team held its monthly Hotmeal event once again on 17 March 2018. This time, it was a more exciting event as it was the team’s very first Hotmeal distribution at East Coast Park (ECP)! 80 residents from the Nee Soon Community Centre joined the team of IMSSA volunteers for a refreshing picnic at East Coast Park.



IMSSA’s parent volunteers also participated in the Hotmeal distribution at ECP, so as to spend quality time with the Nee Soon residents. The day was kicked started at 9am with delicious homemade breakfast served by our very own IMSSA parent volunteers. It was a great start for our volunteers and residents to mingle and get along with each other.


With several games and activities organized, everyone was hyped up as they participated actively. The first game played was Poison Ball followed by Captain’s Ball. The matches were competitive, yet many had good skills and played amazingly.



The excitement did not simply end there. The residents were engaged in playing charades whereby they had to act out a list of words whilst refraining from speaking. It was a tough game that A mystery game was also played where everyone had to guess several items in 4 different bags just by using their sense of touch. With many interesting guesses made, everyone was so eager in finding out the items in the mystery bags! When the answers were revealed, prizes were presented to those who guessed correctly. This mystery game was not that easy after all!

After a long hour of games and activities, everyone gathered to rest amid the cooling breeze and eye-capturing scenery of the beach. Meanwhile, there was also a sing along session where some stood up to showcase their singing talent. Everyone clapped and sang along delightfully.



At 12 pm, delectable lunch was prepared and served by our IMSSA volunteers for everyone. Many enjoyed the lunch together with our youth and parent volunteers as they got to interact with one and another.



After the scrumptious lunch, our picnic session came to a closure with a special performance by our IMSSA YishunLower Primary children. They performed two songs titled ‘Beautiful Day’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. The residents truly enjoyed the performance put up by our Lower Primary children as they sang along together with them. Not only that, handmade flower cups were also prepared by our children. The residents were deeply touched when our children presented it to them.




This was our first outdoor trip with the residents of Nee Soon community. Our children, parent and youth volunteers had a meaningful time and experience interacting with the residents.




We look forward to organising more exciting events in the future. Stay tuned!

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