Iftar cum Programme Launch @ Masjid Assyakirin

Alhamdulillah, as a soft launch of our new upcoming Madrasah branch in the West, our Iftar cum Programme Launch @ Masjid Assyakirin was held on 16th April 2023.

With Allah (SWT)’s help and grace, the Iftar went smoothly and we hope that all the teams that came down to help and be part of it in one way or another will find our rewards with Allah (SWT), Aameen! 🤲

Serving over 2500 pax, the Sahur meal was our signature Ghee Rice and Chicken Masala. Our Iftar meal consisted of Wrap, Samosa, Cheesetart, an Orange, Dates packed in a bento box together with a MARIGOLD sponsored drink and in-house Syrup Limau! Our kids meal was an exclusive edition with added-on items such as a mini doughnut, wedges and nuggets! 😋

Preparation work for the Iftar started 2 days earlier as we were cooking on both Saturday and Sunday. Our volunteers worked together from dusk till dawn tirelessly to prepare the necessary vegetables, spices and ingredients as well as put up the tents and set up the area for cooking and packing. The various teams – Kitchen, Logistics, Transport, Packing, Distribution, Layout, Cleaning – all worked together hand in hand to make this iftar a smooth sailing one, Alhamdulillah! 🤝

Insha allah, may this Iftar be a blessed beginning for our new branch at Masjid Assyakirin and may Allah (SWT) guide us along in the straight path to spread knowledge and teach many more about our Rabb and our beloved Rasulullah (SAW), Aameen.