Iftar [email protected] 2018

10 June 2018
25 Ramadhan 1439


The last leg of harmony iftars organised by Indian Muslim Social Service Association (IMSSA) this year was held on 10 June 2018 at Marsiling Community Sports Park (beside Marsiling Community Centre).  More than 5,000 residents once again got together for the annual mass iftar – Iftar [email protected]



This event was jointly organized by Marsiling  Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) & IMSSA, and graciously supported by Masjid An-Nur, People’s Association, Residents’ Committee, Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) and NorthWest CDC. 



IMSSA was delighted to receive Guest of Honor (GOH) Mr. Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance, Adviser to Marsiling –Yew Tee GRC, who graced the event. Alongside, Host Advisor Mr. Zaqy Mohamad, Minister of State for National Development & Manpower, Mr. Ong Teng Koon, MP for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC and Mr. Tjoki Aprianda Siregar, Minister Counsellor of Indonesian Embassy in Singapore also graced the iftar event.



Iftar [email protected] was able to enforce its theme, “Do good, Do well and Do together” . Regardless of age or religion, about 60 volunteers from  different schools and external organisations joined hands with IMSSA to help us to achieve our theme for this iftar. The organisations include Ngee Ann Polytechnic Muslim Students’ Society, Reuplic Polyectecnic Muslim Society, Nanyang Polytechnic Muslim Student Network and Singapore University of Social Sciences. By working with the Muslims, who are encouraged to do good while practicing self-control and patience during the month of fasting, the non-Muslim volunteers were also inspired to continue helping selflessly until the iftar event commenced. The volunteers helped in a range of roles such as packing of food in the packing lanes, topping-up of cooked dishes for the respective packing lanes, arranging of tables and chairs, laying out the tables with the complete meal sets and ushering in attendees for the event.



Nearly 400 beneficiaries and their families under the Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, nearby residents, friends and relations of volunteers streamed in from 5.30pm onwards; resulting in an impressive turnout that transformed the atmosphere to be a lively one. For the past three years, Iftar [email protected] has been inviting the highest number of beneficiaries with the intent of spreading happiness into their lives during the blessed month of Ramadan; through a good evening meal, performances, and goodie bags comprising of essential food items and vouchers. 



Moreover, 400 beneficiary children from PAP Community Foundation (PCF), KIFA and Masjid An-Nur were presented with green packets by our GOH Minister Mr. Lawrence Wong, Minister Mr. Zaqy Mohamad and our MP Mr. Ong Teng Koon. We saw many smiles on the children’s faces by the end of the day.



To entertain the audience until the time of break of fast, exciting performances were lined up that includes ‘Ramadan Moon’ song by Preschoolers from IMSSA and Kompang performance by Kumpulan Qasidaha. Moreover, the energetic emcees’ conversations in between performances kept the audience entertained till the time of break of fast that was signified via a beautiful live azaan by our very own Ustad.  



On the double, the children unwrapped their ‘Kids Meal’ that consisted of Chicken Burger, Hash-brown, Cheese Nutella  Tart, Dates and Milk, and indulged in it. To allow the children reminisce their childhood days, each of them was also gifted with a beautiful goodie bag, which comprised of Jelly Drink, London Roll Cake, Oreo Biscuits, Fruit Candies and Mentos. Certainly, the intent was met as the children ecstatically looked through their goodie bags. 



Simultaneously, the adults indulged in our Iftar spread for the day that included Nasi Briyani, Traditional Punjabi Samosa, Cheese Nutella Tart, Porridge, Grapes, Dates, mineral water, Peach and UHT milk sponsored by Marigold. As for the Sahur food, IMSSA volunteers prepared IMSSA’s signature dish: Cumin Rice with Chicken Sambal. 



Through the harmony iftar, we were honoured to be able to give an evening meal to the many beneficiaries residing in Marsiling and provide them with a platform to bond, regardless of race and religion. In line with IMSSA’s motto, “Gather, Learn and Serve”, it was truly a bliss following in our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)’s footsteps of giving food to the less fortunate and the deserving.


‘Among the best deeds are to feed the poor, and the deserving and to greet
those whom you know and those whom you do not.’

– Sahih Bukhari 

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