IMSSA Central Children’s Day Celebration

Masha Allah, this year Children’s Day was celebrated on 9th October 2022 (13 Rabiul’awal 1444), Sunday with our children, parent volunteers and ustazahs enjoyed the games and activities put together. Parent volunteers came to Masjid An-Nahdhah earlier to help in the set-up of the various game stations.. Let us hear it from each level their Children’s Day preparation and how the kids enjoyed.

For our Nursery, K1 and K2 children the game stations were set up outdoors (outside level 4 classrooms) and Alhamdulilah the weather was great. This provided ample space for the children to move around freely. The Children’s Day celebrations kick-started with an assortment of snacks that the children were served for tea break. Brownies, Nuggets, Jelly and Date Milk were lovingly served by our Ustazahs. Dates and Milk are our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)’s favourite foods and our children got to enjoy them in lieu of Rabi ul Awwal.  Alhamdulilah, all praises and thanks to Allah (swt). After our delicious snack our children proceeded for their congregational Asr prayers. Games and activities started right after congregational Asr prayers that our children pray in jema’ah without fail every Sunday

A total of 3 game stations such as Bowling, Ring Toss and Ping Pong Relay were set up for the children. The children moved from one game station to another as a class. These games enhanced children’s eye-hand coordination skills, gross motor coordination skills, and encouraged team bonding and perseverance in them.

Children were filled with energy and excitement throughout the day. Masha Allah!  Our children received lots of goodies and gifts from our Ustazahs too!

Soon it was time for dismissal! Although our children were thoroughly enjoying the games, they followed instructions and made their way to the assembly area for dua recitation and dismissal.

Alhamdulillah, our children had an enjoyable time participating in the activities prepared by our Ustzahs for Children’s Day. May Allah (SWT) continue to bestow his blessings over the little ones and allow them to have more such fun activity sessions, Inn Shaa Allah.

As for our Lower Primary Boys and Girls had an enjoyable time playing games with their friends. There were 5 stations for them to complete and the fastest class to win at each station wins! It was class verse class and the students really enjoyed sharing quality time with their classmates. The groupings were P1 Girls Vs P1 Boys whereas P2 Girls Vs P2 Boys.

The games that the kids were engaged were:

Station 1: Newspaper

Station 2: Hoola Hoop

Station 3: Exercise

Station 4: Stack the Cups

Station 5: Ping Pong Ball

After the games, the children continue with their usual routine to give their surah memorisations. Before they head home, our lovely Ustazahs presented the children with some goodies as part of the Children’s Day gift to their class with their names customised on the pouch!

Our Middle Primary and Upper Primary Boys played 5 different games which were Stacking Cups, Ping-Pong Ball Race, Lego Making, Pictionary & True or False which were related to health.

The students enjoyed the Ping-Pong Ball Race and Stacking Cups the most as they were able to push themselves to do their best individually and have fun as a team. To challenge their ability, the Lego Making was twisted slightly, yet, the boys and girls did not give up and completed what they could within the given time.

They also had a great time guessing what their friends drew during the game of drawing charades and were to work together for the true and false questions, and through all these games, they were able to learn the importance of teamwork.

Alhamdulillah! Before our students start their exam revision, they had an hour of games session to motivate and encourage them. The Upper Primary, Secondary and Tertiary girls had 5 games booth held from 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm at Level 3. Each game are related to health and Islam.

One of the activities were to put the Quran ayats  which were broken into pieces into its correct form. If team seem to grapple, ustazah will issue a clue which consist of the English meaning of the Quran Ayah.

Not only that, it was a great time for the students to appreciate the blessings in their body as they get to learn the different systems in the body. Together with that, the girls also got to learn some simple stretching through broken telephone.

In conclusion, it was a fruitful session for the students to relax their mind before preparing for their school and madrasah exams.

Masha Allah, Overall all classes and kids had an enjoyable evening with their friends and Ustazahs this Children’s Day. Much gratitude from all of us that this year we were able to conduct games and exchange love after the challenging years. May we dua for more events in our beloved home, Masjid An-Nahdhah. Jazakallah Khairan 😊