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25th October 2015 

Assalaamu’alaikum Wrh Wbk,

Our main aim which was to recognise the students’, parents and Ustazahs’ efforts was the concept of the IMSSA JUNIORS’ Annual Fiesta 2015! Traditionally, the IMSSA JUNIORS’ [Yishun] team celebrates the student’s achievement in both academic and non-academic fields by awarding them for their efforts throughout the year on the annual award ceremony.thumb_IMG_0241

Creating a new milestone, this year our team wanted to celebrate the students’ achievements by giving them an interesting and memorial takeaway for them not only through the awards given out but through the experience gained. Thus, we came up with the concept of the IMSSA JUNIORS’ Fiesta which aimed to recognize and appreciate both students’ achievements and Ustazahs’ hard work. Parents were invited to witness their children’s efforts and be a part of celebrating their success.thumb_IMG_0349

Over the years, our parents have played an essential role in supporting both the madrasahs’ efforts and also that of their Childs’. Parents’ and the Ustazahs’ continuous support and motivation drives our student’s momentum in learning. The theme for this year’s Annual Fiesta was Arabian, coloured black & gold.

Our students were dazzlingly dressed, well-suited to the theme. Surprisingly, even our parents came dressed in the theme of the event. They were all excited for the Best-Dressed competition organised for the students to take part in. Best dressed competition was also held to reward the best dressed boy and girl of the day. The Judges were solely our audiences, who were of course, our students’ parents. At the end of event, the Little Mister & Little Miss IMSSA JUNIOR award was awarded to the selected participants.thumb_IMG_0113

The event started with recitation of Surah Al-Falaq by three of our very own Primary 1 students who have been recently promoted to Quran. This was a great eye opener for many of our audience as it was a display of the capabilities and talents of our students. Following that was the academic statistics shared by Ustazah Hamsath, our lower primary level In-charge. Statistics shared resembles how much effort was placed during the course of the year and as well as how much our students have grown in terms of academic achievements and progress as compared to the year 2014. Their improvement as a cohort was indeed commendable. It was indeed a great achievement for our Ustazahs and their efforts put in place to make this happen.thumb_IMG_0379

Moving on, the segments before and after asar consisted of student performances which further showcased the talents of our students. Performances such as skit on Yunus (A.S) and speech Tafseer was relatable to what they learn during their curriculum hours. It was rather impressing as apart from the help they received from their Ustazahs, the students were able to play their part to put up their show confidently and full of zest.

The Nasheeds performed by them not only engaged the parents but also formed a sense of attachment to its meaning as it was beautifully tagged with the love they had for Allah (S.W.T) and Islam. Coming to the most exciting part of the Annual day was the Fiesta. Booths were set up for Funfilled family bonding activities and resources for everyone to take part in and just have some IMSSA JUNIORS’ Annual Fiesta 2015 quality family fun-time! The booths included candy floss, crazy family photo booth time and many more. Our guests also enjoyed the mouth-watering western menu accompanied by delicious deserts.thumb_IMG_0373

Upon interviewing and gathering some feedbacks from our parents during the fiesta, many parents gave us a thumbs up and also mentioned that it was a unique move this year. They appreciated the efforts taken to make this happen and also mentioned that it was a rewarding experience for them to be a part of their child’s success in acquiring and learning the Islamic knowledge and practices. They have given advance consent to continue such efforts in the upcoming years as well. They had even given suggestions on how to make things better in future. Alhamdulillah.thumb_IMG_0298

the most rewarding moment for not only the students but also our Ustazahs and parents was when the students stood tall and proud as they were being recognized for their achievement in their area of expertise. Nearly 90% of our students received awards on the day, their efforts were indeed commendable. As a whole, despite some hiccups and challenges we faced with IT and space constraint, the event was indeed a success. Alhamdulillah. The satisfactory remarks and suggestions for improvements from our guest allowed us to be driven to provide a better experience and make it an enriching event in the future. Recognition of our students’ efforts was our aim, and we pulled through it.

Alhamdulillah! Insha’allah IMSSA Junior team will continue to keep up the team spirit and the continuous hard work towards producing a team of bright and enthusiastic students guided by our motivated Ustazahs equipped with greater Islamic knowledge in the years to come.

Wassalaamu’alaikum Wrh Wbk.

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