IMSSA Parents Program (IPP) Fun Day Out!

September 8 2016

September 8 2016, will forever be embedded in every single IMSSA Parents Program (IPP) team member’s hearts. It was a truly wonderful experience that was not only enjoyed by the scintillating ladies of the IPP team but also by the adorable children, who accompanied their mothers.

Before heading to the Pasir Ris Park, we first gathered at Yishun MRT Station at 9:30am. 

Enroute to Pasir Ris Park

The early birds of the team were animatedly involved in discussions about the fun-filled activities that would  commence at the park, while patiently waiting for the others to arrive.


An hour passed agonisingly slowly, before we arrived at our destination.

Before any of the activities began, everyone was feeling ravenous. Hence, we dug into a hearty breakfast comprising of Roti Prata, Egg Sandwiches, Chicken Pasta and Fruit Salad, which were all prepared by the IPP team members, themselves.


Whilst the younger and more active children sprinted off to the playground and started having a whale of a time, the ladies started reciting the fascinating Surah Yasin. Subsequently, they engaged in a game of broken telephone, which was not a five-finger exercise but still remained enjoyable.

3 hours passed by as quick as a flash of lightning and soon enough, it was time for lunch.


Picnic Lunch @ Pasir Ris Park

For lunch, there was a variety of dishes ranging from the hot and spicy Nasi Lemak, Prawn Curry and Chicken Kebab, to the sweet and silky smooth Payasam.

After lunch, the kids went to cycle around the beach while the IPP team members relaxed by the seashore, enjoying the cooling sea breeze; before joining them at the playground for a fruitful bonding session. After an exhausting yet exhilarating hour of playing with the young kids, the IPP team members enjoyed a short tea break before departing from the park.


While everyone was worn-out and weary after the all back-to-back activities, they were nonetheless contented and satisfied with their day spent out the IPP team. We sincerely wish for other similarly fun-filled days, in the future.

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