Jenazah Workshop

In life, we are always taught to prepare for what’s coming ahead. We are told to study for tests and exams. 👨‍🎓 And prepare for job interviews. 👨‍💼 And many more. Preparation is key. 👨‍💻 And that’s for life. But how do one prepare for the end of that? His death? 🪦 or his loved ones! 🥰. 

Especially when we don’t really talk about it and it’s considered as “taboo”. 😵

In this 12-weeks workshop, we went beyond the taboos and discussed facts. 🗣️

From the etiquettes of what to do when a loved one is sick, till they have passed on, the rights for the deceased, till they are buried and for when visiting the deceased. 

In this journey, on alternating 6 weeks, we uncovered the ‘Why’s of some Fiqh rulings and, dug deeper into the less common known facts and rulings about the 5 pillars of Islam. 

We pray that it was a beneficial program for all those who shared and those who sat in to judge and comment. Inshaa Allah, for many more beneficial programs ahead! 🤲🏻