Journey through Rabiulawwal Exhibition: Unveiling the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

8 October 2023

22 Rabiulawal 1445H

On 8th October, Masjid Kassim’s Majlis Maulidur Rasul event brought 500 people together to mark a special religious occasion – Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s birth. And IMSSA East was invited to put up an interactive exhibition on Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s life.

As you enter the exhibition, a small intricate spider web is seen – hand-crafted to depict the miraculous event when a spider spun its web to shield the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) during his first Hijra. His camel, Qaswa, sits comfortably to signify his residence. Visitors would almost feel the significance of the divine intervention.

Several booths were set up to showcase Prophet (SAW)’s favourite things, people and the obstacles that he faced during his lifetime. Through vivid storytelling and visually stunning displays, students and visitors alike were reminded of the resilience, strength, and unwavering faith of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the face of all adversity.

Specifically, intriguing stories of the Ashabus Suffa were brought to life. Visitors learned about the companions who dedicated their lives to the service of Islam and the heartwarming significance of the milk incident. The booth masterfully emphasised the selflessness and unity of the early Muslim community.

The highlight for many, especially the little ones, was the life-sized mock-up of Qaswa, the faithful camel that accompanied the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) during crucial moments in Islamic history. Kids couldn’t resist posing for photos with this majestic symbol of the Prophet’s journey.

At the heart of the exhibition, a beautifully adorned tent emerged, representing Darus Salam, the 7th level of heaven. The ambience was peaceful, and visitors could contemplate the ultimate goal of every believer – attaining peace and eternal happiness.

The Rabiul Awwal Exhibition was an unforgettable experience that educated, inspired, and entertained visitors of all ages. The dedication and creativity of our ustazahs shone through in every booth, fostering a deeper appreciation for the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This event truly made Rabiul Awwal a month to remember, celebrating the life of the greatest of messengers, Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

To end off the event at lunchtime, IMSSA East prepared a tasty meal, featuring Briyani rice and Chicken Sambal, adding to the sense of togetherness and celebration. It was a wonderful community gathering!