Liven Up @ Marina Barrage

16 March 2018
28 Jamadil Awwal 1439


This year’s camp was a little different for IMSSA’s Pre-schoolers and Lower Primary children. The Lower Primary students of Madrasah As-Soabereen of all the 3 branches (Yishun, Bishan and Eunos) went on a fun-filled outing to Marina Barrage that helped to strengthen relationships with their new friends, peers and ustazas.



After having a hearty breakfast, the children travelled to Marina Barrage via a fun bus ride. The bus ride gave our ustazas an opportunity to educate the students about “Dua before Travelling”. In wholesome, a mass recital of the dua was made before they began their journey with the blessings of Allah.



Upon Arrival at Marina Barrage, they played some team bonding games such as human knot, minefield, rattlesnake tag and three-legged race. Through these games, the students learnt the importance and purpose of proper communication. The games also helped the students to socialize and bond with one another.



Lower Primary

Followed by the team bonding games, the boys had a mini soccer match with their fellow camp mates while the girls had fun playing captains ball. Following the stretch of non-stop matches, the exhausted students took a break and played some board games and card games.


Along side, the Lower Primary students had ‘Amazing Race’ that required students to complete a quiz and various tasks along the way; which were themed on the history of Marina Barrage, Prophet Adam (A.S) and Nuh (A.S). The students were then guided to do an art and craft activity that comprised of iconic landmarks; meant to be given to the elderly whom they were going to meet the next day during the Hotmeal Picnic Project at East Coast Park. 


As the Marina Barrage dam holds back ocean surges during storms, while creating a fresh water reservoir, the students learnt about water conservation tips and the different plants from the various gardens around Marina Barrage.





After racing with other teams during the ice-breaker games, the Pre-schoolers had their hands on creating their own kite using plastic wrapping papers and straws. They learnt to do the last step of tying the twine so that the kites will be able to fly.



Under the Hot sun, students went team by team to fly their first kite. They were running around to make our kites fly high. The children enjoyed the activity very much as they learnt the kite-flying techniques such as leading edge launch, speed control and three point landing. It was a success as many of the children managed to fly their kites a certain height and were beaming with joy, despite the scorching sun.



Food is loved by anyone. To re-energise the students, a filling and delicious tea break at Marina Barrage was served as a Jamaat, that helped to further instill togetherness. The children enjoyed the variety of spread comprising of roti prata, putu mayam with chicken curry, kaya butter toast and cold drinks. Certainly the hungry little ones had a mini feast.




Before leaving Marina Barrage, some group photos were captured. After which, the bus ride back to Masjid was quieter as the kids took some rest.



The fun did not end at Marina Barrage. Back in the Masjid, the students took wudhu and prayed their Lohar prayer as a Jamaat. Rayhanudeen from P1 Boys Eunos and Suha from P3 Girls Bishan lead the prayers for boys and girls respectively. This opportunity helped to develop Rayhan and Suha’s Quran recitation and audibility of their voices. It was also a motivation for the other students to improve on their Quran Recitation.




Later on, the children who were still quite full from their sumptuous tea break at Marina Barrage had a late lunch. After the delicious lunch, the students prayed Asar prayer together as a Jamaat lead by the Imaam. Usual Quran lesson was continued after prayers. The Quran girls did Jamaat recitation  with Tarannum of the last 20 Surahs. The recitation was led by Suha from P3 Girls. This enabled the students to recap the surahs that they have previously memorized. Quran recitation with tarannum boosts the student to recite the Quran with the application of tajweed rules, better fluency and confidence. 




As the camp aims to forge and strengthen friendship across the 3 Madrasah branches, the girls ended their day by making friendship bands for their friends. The activity served as a platform for the students to learn about the importance of choosing the right friends in their lives, similar to how they gave their hand-made frienship bands to their hand-picked friends.



The first day of the camp came to an end with the usual mass dismissal dua recitation and pointers to gear up the students for the next day.


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