Lower Primary March Holiday Outing (Eunos)

21 March 2019
14 Rejab 1440H


On 21st March 2019, during the March School Holiday Week, Madrasah As-Soabereen (Eunos)’s Lower Primary Team organised a fun-filled outing to West Coast Park for all lower primary students from 10am to 5pm. The main objective of the outing was to allow our students to be meaningfully engaged during the holidays. Through the outing, a closer bond between the lower primary classes and the ustazahs was encouraged, and the students also learnt that they can also have fun while being in madrasah.

Some parents who were available were encouraged to join us and together, we had a whopping 80 students and parents who took their time and effort to join the outing. Before travelling down to West Coast Park, we had gathered at Masjid Darul Aman to have our breakfast together where the kids had their favourite Nutella spread on bread with Milo.

When it was time to go, we boarded the buses and said our travelling dua, and off the buses went! At West Coast Park, we were welcomed by a bright, sunny day with ample space to place our belongings and settle down. The kids were naturally overjoyed, seeing the multiple exciting playgrounds waiting to be played. Without time to waste, the ustazahs brought their respective classes to the playground area for the free-and-easy play time.

Some kids chose to race down the obstacle course-based playground. Some others dove straight to zip-lining. While others wanted a challenge and tried rope climbing. In each zone, ustazahs and parents stood around, motivating kids who are shy and afraid to try, and keeping safety as a priority at all times. It was clear to see that each and every child was happy and engaged which was heartening for both parents and ustazahs. Apart from playground activities, both ustazahs and students brought their own games such as badminton and balls to occupy themselves in small teams. It was heartening to see groups of kids from different levels joining in together to develop their own game rules. Of course, some ustazahs joined them in for some fun!

During lunchtime and break time, the children were greeted to an overwhelming variety of food items kindly sponsored by parents, some of whom who attended. We had bee hoon, fried rice, briyani, chicken nuggets, samosas, jelly… and the list continued. Moreover for snacks, the ustazahs had bought favorite chips and chocolate items for everyone to indulge in. To account for the hot day, the ustazahs made sure to prepare a nice, cold fruit punch and ice water for all! It is safe to say that the kids left with a happy tummy along with a happy heart at the end of the day.

Inshallah, hope to have more of such outings in the near future!

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