LPG Canva Workshop

08 June 2021

27 Syawal 1442H

Alhamdulillah! We have reached the halfway mark this year. To involve the Eunos Lower Primary girls during their June holiday period, their Ustazahs had specially prepared some holiday sessions. The intention was to ensure that the children are meaningfully occupied in spending their time by learning some creative new skills. The content covered were outside their usual curricula activities.

Out of all the activities prepared such as Arabic, Tajweed and Miniature Ka’bah making, the Canva poster making workshop was the children’s favourite!

There were around 30 students who participated in this session that was hosted over Zoom. During this session, they had learnt the various functions of Canva such as element, textbox, templates and more. After a few guided practices, the kids were told to come up with their own posters. They were also split into groups of 3 in different breakout rooms to allow them to collaborate and create a group poster. They were later told to present it to others and briefly describe it. Mashallah! All the girls showed their enthusiasm through their creativity and bright ideas. It was an opportunity to bolster their confidence in venturing into new things too!

And what a surprise! Some of the girls were able to apply their skills during their Mid-Year assessment. They used Canva as part of their Dua card making. This showed us that efforts did not go in vain. 

We believe that this session allowed the girls to learn various ICT tools that could be used in the future. Moving forward, we hope that more sessions could be put forward for the children! Ameen.

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