Ramadan – a time where Muslims all around the world fast from dawn till sunset. It is

deemed as a holy month where ties with God are strengthened and key principles such as

self-control is instilled and put into action.


This year, Alhamdulillah, we have been given another chance to witness this beautiful month

and gain its rewards in abundance. It was the first time that more than 4,000 residents got

together for a mass iftar at our Iftar Utara @ Marsiling. The event was well received as many

Marsiling residents of different race and religious beliefs sat together to experience the

breaking of fast this Ramadan.


This project, Iftar Utara @ Marsiling, was jointly organized by IMSSA, Marsiling CCC, RC,

MAEC, IRCC and Masjid An-Nur, was on the 19 th of June. The word Utara means north in

Malay. As the word says for itself we had an Iftar gathering in the North area at Marsiling

Sports Park. Planning for this mega event began about 6 months prior to Ramadan.

A day before the actual day, commonly known as the Pre-Iftar amongst the volunteers, the

logistics team unloaded the goods needed for the next day, and vegetables like onion, ginger,

garlic and potato were washed, peeled and cut by our female volunteers to ease the workflow

which begins very early in the morning on the actual day of the event. Right after Sahur, also

known as the pre-dawn meal that Muslims consume every morning before commencing the

fast, the cooking team which comprises mainly of male volunteers arrived on spot to begin

cooking the first of the many dishes on the menu – the very popular ‘Ramadan Porridge’

made the Indian-Muslim way.


All the other food items were then cooked one after another. Once a certain dish was ready,

the respective packing team started to do their job. Assembly lines multiplied and were seen

winding through the tentage to speed up the process.

Apart from the Iftar participants, we provide food and porridges to Masjid Darul Makmur,

Masjid An Nahdah and Masjid An Nur. Adding on to that, we also delivered porridges to

Kabun Baru Community Centres and Toa Payoa East residents and Christalite Methodist

Homes in Marsilings.


The members of the National University of Singapore Muslim Society (NUSMS) also joined

hands with IMSSA to aid in the packing of food and other tasks, an extremely helpful. This is

the second year they join us. We believe they had wonderful experiences too.

Our Iftar menu for the day was Shahi Briyani, Mutton Chukka, Cucur, Corn Custard, Dates,

Kueh, Grapes, a can of 100plus and Mineral Water. As for the Sahur food, IMSSA prepared

our signature dish; Cumin Rice and Chicken Sambal. Both the Iftar and Sahur food was

prepared, cooked, packed and served by our very own IMSSA volunteers.


Children were given the Kids’ Meal which consisted of a Milo packet, nuggets, a doughnut,

dates and corn custard to break their fast. At around 4pm, distribution of food had begun and

canvas was laid out throughout the tentage area. The food was then nicely arranged by our

very helpful youth volunteers. Special facilities such as a latecomers’ food booth, tables and

chairs for the elderly and wheelchair-bound were set-up to cater to those groups of people.

The energetic emcees’ conversation and the Nasheed performances by the little ones and

by the MAEC kept the audience entertained while waiting for the Guest-of- Honour (GOH)

to mark her arrival. Madam Halimah Yacob, Speaker of Parliament and Grassroots Adviser

to Marsiling graced the occasion as the event’s GOH. She was very much impressed by the

Food, hospitality and the turnout. She also commented that there should be more events

similar to this to strengthen the bond amongst fellow Singaporeans. She distributed Green

Packets to the KIFA students and then broke fast with the residents and invited guests and

enjoyed the food. The Stop Diabetes Campaign was launched during the Iftar.

In line with IMSSA’s motto, “Gather, Learn and Serve”, this Community Mass Iftar served

as a great platform to gather residents, families and friends to breakfast together regardless of

race and religion. Warmly welcoming every attendee and being hospitable towards them is

what IMSSA has been putting to practice, and indeed, this is the objective of their Iftar.

On behalf of the organizing team, we would like express our heartfelt gratitude to our

supporters, sponsors, volunteers and attendees who contributed to the success of this Iftar

Utara @ Marsiling in one form or another.

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