Migrant Workers Break of Fast 2023

Alhamdulillah, as a gesture of appreciation for our Migrant Worker’s hard work and contribution to Singapore’s development, IMSSA organised the Migrant Workers Iftar alongside with MOM Ace Team, Nee Soon GRC and People’s Association (PA) on the 8th of April at the Chong Pang 165 Hard Court. Indeed, this was IMSSA’s newest initiative for 2023’s Harmony Iftar series.

Food preparations for the Iftar commenced the day before, where ingredients were cut, spices were prepared and the place was enlivened with the decorations that was put up. Indeed, the kampung spirit was truly reflected through the mass cookings.

From packing porridges in the morning to the packing the Iftar food consisting of Ghee Rice and Chicken Masala, we had volunteers from various organisations such as the Malay Activity Executive Committee (MAEC), EduDebt, MOM officers and even the Migrant Workers themselves, harmoniously coming together and assisting in the packing on the day of event as well!

On top of that, the food was also packed and distributed to dormitories like the Cochrane Lodge and the Westlite Dormitory.

Thereafter, Grassroots Adviser, Mr Louis Ng made appearance to the event at about 4pm and joined in with the packing of food and mingled along with the Migrant Workers.

Hampers were later distributed to them by the advisor as a form of gratitude of their relentless hard work. We concluded the segment with a speech from the MOM ACE Group Chief, Mr Tung Yui Fai and a group photo with all our guests.

Thereafter, the whole team then proceeded to the dormitories itself to break fast with the rest of the migrant workers. Food was distributed to about 1000 migrant workers.

Ahamdullillah, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the MOM Ace Team for giving us an opportunity to be able to conduct this event, our sponsors – Ribena, and those who had extended their helping hands in making this a successful Iftar for our Foreign Migrant Workers. 

In Sha Allah, we look forward to reaching out to more opportunities to serve the communities at large.