National Day Celebration 2018

5 August 2018

23 Zul Kaedah 2018

What comes to your mind when you think of National Day? Each of us have different experiences celebrating Singapore’s birthday. For the little children, they celebrate the nation’s birthday by enjoying the activities organized for them. The pioneers celebrate through remembering the difficult times that they went through while under British rule and during Japanese Occupation.

Many may wonder what has been said about patriotism and love for our country in Islam. Our Prophet (SAW) has said, “Love of our country is a part of our faith.” This brings us to the importance of educating everyone on the importance of loving our country, and learning to appreciate Singapore for the things she has given us.

As an initiative to instill these qualities in all our Madrasah students, we organised a National Day Carnival on the 5th August 2018, Sunday. We incorporated the National Day theme, “We are Singapore,” in our carnival games and food booths.



“We are Singapore” can mean many things to each of us. It may be about the food to some. So, we had a booth set up with some of the popular traditional kuehs from the three main majority racial groups: Chinese, Malay and Indian. We had the Ang Ku Kueh, Wang Kueh (Chinese food) Kueh Lapis, Putri Salat (Malay food), Kesari and Vadai (Indian food).




We also had snacks booth. The snacks were those from the 1990s. This was done with an aim for the younger ones to be exposed to ‘old’ snacks and for the older people to reminisce their childhood.  Some of the snacks included Kacang Puteh, Iced Gems and Ice Pops. We also served some signature drinks in Singapore. Namely, Chendol, Milo Dinosaur and Calamansi. Milo Dinosaur and Chendol were the hit drinks! Yummy!

The carnival had also aimed to raise awareness that there is more to Singapore than its speciality of being a food paradise. So, we provided the opportunity for the students to play some traditional games. Traditional games also contribute to our unique Singaporean identity.  We got the students to play the Congkak, Five Stones, Chapteh and Hopscotch. The boys loved Chapteh!



Our unique Singaporean identity is fundamentally made of the racial and religious harmony that we enjoy as a nation. To raise awareness of this, we had games and educational booths set up. Students gained much fruitful knowledge.



We also had a booth dedicated to handicraft activities, which included orchid origami folding and the colouring of the different monuments for the younger ones. Our objective was to create experiences which would instil the Singaporean identity in everyone deeply.


For the second part of the celebration, we observed National day by taking our pledge with pride and singing “Majulah Singapura” with patriotism to our dear county.



Alhamdulillah, through this, our students would have definitely increased their love for the nation. This makes them faithful Muslims as, ‘Love for our country is a part of our faith,’ as our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) has mentioned. We’ll end this post with the everlasting thought that ‘We are Singapore!’

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