National Day Celebrations 2021

Alhamdulillah, it was finally the start of another new Islamic year, 1443H. Though it has been a tough two years amidst the pandemic, our IMSSA Yishun family has braved through together as a community, adapting to changes that we have had to come across.

On the 8th of August 2021, we celebrated the arrival of Muharram and Singapore’s National Day via Zoom. The different levels organized activities for students and helpers alike to commemorate Muharram 1443H and our nation’s birthday.

Pre-School Level

The Pre-School Level started off their day reciting the national pledge as a class and then went on a virtual tour around Singapore, visiting various landmarks and learning about their history. They also had sing-along sessions at various points to make them feel at home. Their lessons concluded with them reflecting on what they appreciated about Singapore and being thankful to Allah (swt) for living in a country that is safe and harmonious.

Lower Primary Level

As for our Lower Primary students, they had lots of fun learning about our beautiful country. They got to see Singapore in the past and present and learned about our forefathers. Most importantly, they also learned to be grateful to Allah (swt) after realizing how privileged they are to be living in Singapore.

Upper Primary Level

The Upper Primary students started their lessons with an introduction to Muharram. They talked about the month’s significance and the specialty of Ashura. Then, they went on with their National Day celebrations, participating in quizzes, recalling what they are grateful for in Singapore, and making duas for our nation.

Secondary/Tert Level

Our Secondary and Tertiary students welcomed Muharram by making dua together as a level for the upcoming new Islamic year. Then, they celebrated National Day by reciting the pledge together, sharing about things that made them reminisce about Singapore in the past and reflecting on how they have progressed to become what they are today.

All in all, the Muharram 1443H and National Day celebrations incorporated in the lessons have proven to be a fruitful and knowledgeable journey for all our students this year!

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