National Day Celebrations @ Masjid En-Naeem

18 Muharram 1445H

5 August 2023

Alhamdulillah! We commemorated our nation’s 58th birthday at Masjid En-Naeem on 5th August 2023 with our entire madrasah!

Everyone was decked in red and white!

Preschool kids whizzed about doing their fantastic little Lion and appreciated things about Singapore!

Lower Primary children played some Kahoot Quizzes on the nation and also did some hands-on craft!

Upper Primary girls had some fun educational moments playing station games where they were quizzed on key information on Singapore’s history.

Even our Parents class took a moment to pen down gratitude notes to celebrate Singapore.

Lastly, our Upper Primary and Tertiary Boys ran the Observation Ceremony for the entire madrasah, raising our nation’s flag in pride. Alhamdulillah, it was beautiful to recognise our nation in our mosque – certainly we are given great peace and security in this land.

May Allah (SWT) continue to bless Singapore and may our children grow up to become good citizens. Ameen.