Nisfu Sha’ban – Khatamal Qur’an

20 April 2019
14 Sha’ban 1440H

The fifteenth night of Sha’ban, known in Arabic as Laylat al-Nisf min Sha’ban, meaning ‘the eve of the middle day of Sha’ban’, is one of the greatest nights of the year.

Alhamdulillah, we held our inaugural ‘Welcoming Nisfu Sha’ban’ event at Masjid Darul Aman from 2pm to 6pm. This year, we wanted to do something different and meaningful. Our goal was to khatam 50 qur’ans. Preparations for the event began almost a week in advance and everyone in all 3 madrasahs played a part in making the event a success.

Students, students’ parents and ustazahs were all involved in the initiative. Most took up a minimum of 1 juz to read during the week prior, and on the day itself, many took up additional juz’s. Our younger students from the primary level were not left out. Since they are not able to read as much or as fast in a stipulated time, we split each juz and they read between 20-40 ayats each. Masha’allah!

By 3pm, it was full house and the masjid was bustling with activity. A huge board had been set up with all 50 qur’ans’ 30 juz’s displayed. This was right next to the registration counter. Guests were ushered to the counter to register when they arrived. They were then assigned a juz each to read; those who were faster readers took on more.

After Asar, there was a mass recital of Surah Yaseen, led by our Hazrath. It was very heart warming and inspiring to see the entire prayer hall filled out, and everyone reciting in congregation.

Soon after, we concluded the event and it was announced that we had managed to khatam 65 qur’ans instead of the originally intended 50! Alhamdulillah!
We are presently left with less than a fortnight to Ramadan. Insya’allah, may we continue on the path of the righteous and may we all be blessed during the holy month. Ameen.

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