Madrasah Orientation 2020 (Bishan)

9 February 2020
15 Jamadilakhir 1441H

Madrasah As-Soabereen (Bishan) held its orientation on 9th February 2020 at Masjid An-Nahdhah between 2.00pm to 6.30pm. This event was organized in view of orientating the new parents whom have joined the IMSSA Family together with their children for the new year of 2020 and updating the existing children’s parents with the new initiatives. Thus, the first segment showcased highlights of weekly schedule of various levels and the possible outcome of their child’s development.


The Preschool level explained their two main focus for this year;

(1) Character building through routine

(2) Teaching of iqrah through play, where children will identify basic letters according to six different types

The intent is to help students to gain their confidence and progress to quran at a young age with many good characters instilled.


Then, the Lower Primary level shared about their curriculum and the different methodologies being used. The parents underwent their child’s classroom experience of recapping topics via ‘Kahoot!’, which they enjoyed.


Later, the Upper Primary to Tertiary Girls’ level shared their new initiatives that includes enhancements to jamath reading, ‘Stories Alive’ series, and hadith and ayah of the month. Additionally, it was highlighted that the new values-based syllabus enables children to learn Islamic concepts and history that will encourage them to emulate a certain value. As a prelude to the new initiatives, the audience were engaged in a hadith scramble activity that required them to memorise a hadith and reorder it within a minute.


Thereafter Upper Primary to Tertiary Boys’ level shared their new initiatives, which includes quran trio and reading of sahaba’s stories as a class.

The second segment consisted of a Parent-Child Treasure Hunt Activity that aimed strengthening of bonds by working together to complete Arabic-centered tasks. The Preschool level prepared games based on advanced and basic iqra, where each parent-child duo had to find out iqra letters that led them to discover an Arabic word. While the intermediate iqra required them to find uppercase and joined letters.

Whereas, the Lower Primary level devised an ‘Ayah Scramble’ activity that comprised of two parts. The first part required the duos to find different quran ayahs or meanings around the masjid and then match the quran ayahs with its corresponding meaning. The second part required the duos to solve four clues so as to describe a word.

The Upper Primary to Tertiary Girls’ level’s booth was centred on the theme, ‘Stories Alive’. When parent-child duos came to this booth, they were given choices from 7 props like well, fire pot and Ka’bah, in relation to Prophets’ history. Based on the choice, they had to answer a question correctly so as to move on to another booth during the treasure hunt.

As for the Upper Primary to Tertiary Boys’ level’s booth was based on is positive mindset and good friends, and arabic nouns. The former required comparison between positive and negative mindsets to better understand the difference. Whereas the latter aimed to equip the parent-child duos with the knowledge of detached pronouns by practising through charades.


By collaborating with parents, who play a big role in the progress of the children, the Ustads and Ustazahs will seek to further the collaboration to bring out the best in each child.

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