Orientation Day 2019- A New Beginning

10 February 2019

5 Jamadilakhir 1440

This year, our Orientation Day 2019 was held on 10 February 2019, Sunday. During the event, parents learnt about the new curriculum of our Madrasah and they got to experience the class lesson along with their child!
The event was held in the auditorium of Masjid Darul Makmur. The event was kick started with a Qirath Recitation by a lower primary student named Aakifah. She recited the first six ayats from the Surah Maryam beautifully. She caught everyone’s attention immediately. The event continued with a Welcome Speech by Ustazah Ayeshah. She introduced to everyone about the level structure, level outcomes, 2018 highlights, level calender and our Mission, Vision and Motto.

Thereafter, talks by the Value Based Curriculum and Quranic Arabic Curriculum Teams, Parents and IPP Class followed.The talks by the Value Based and Quranic Arabic Curriculum consisted mainly of the objectives for each curriculum. They shared with the parents how their lessons would impact the children differently than before. The parents surely did learn about how the lessons are conducted and what their children would be learning for 2019.

The parents and IPP class also shared with the parents about the purpose of their classes and how beneficial they are for the women. The parents that attended were definitely intrigued by all the information shown and told to them! The event then continued with our Hazrath Speech. He shared with everyone the importance of attending Madrasah and how beneficial it is for not just the children but their parents as well. He boosted the confidence of everyone that attended the event to do more for the society as well.

After all the talks, the parents took part in a workshop that was conducted by Ayeshah Ustazah. It was called Ways to Teach Iqrah. Everyone was excited to see the resources that would be used to teach the children and they learnt many ways to teach Iqrah to help their children as well. It was very beneficial for everyone! For the last segment of the event, the parents joined their child’s classes to take part in the lessons as well. The parents became students! the children were very excited to have their parents alongside them during the lesson to learn together. It managed to help the parents bond with the ustazahs and their child as well!

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