IMSSA is operating its weekend religious classes in 4 mosques with separate management teams. Activities and events are organized and conducted by the respective teams in each mosque. General activities and events are conducted in collaboration with the 4 teams.


Masjid Assyafaah
1 Admiralty Ln, Assyafaah Mosque, Singapore 757620
Contact: Ust Aysha Gany – 9850 7346


Masjid An-Nahdhah
9A Bishan Street 14, Singapore 579786
Contact: Ust Aneesa faruvin – 91809076 (sms & WhatsApp only)


Masjid Darul Aman
1 Jln Eunos, Singapore 419493
Contact: Ust Irfana Banu – 82182151 (sms & WhatsApp only)


Masjid En-Naeem
120 Tampines Rd, Singapore 535136
Contact: Ust Imrana banu – 9119 8224 (sms & WhatsApp only)

Rules and Regulations

*Madrasah Fees: $130 (New Intake)
*Madrasah Fees: $100 (Existing Students)
Strictly two intakes in January and June
All new students to submit a copy of their BC/IC to Madrasah Admin Department upon registration
Students who are absent from Madrasah for a period of 3 or more consecutive weeks without prior notice to class Ustazah and Madrasah Admin Department will be inactivated.
Reactivation of inactive students will be on a case-to-case basis and subject to approval from Admin Department and respective class Ustaz / Ustazah
*Reactivation Fees: $130
* All fees are subjected to changes


Madrasah lessons are officially from 2pm – 6.30pm
Students are expected to be in class by 1.45pm
Students have to attend class for full day, no half day leaves would be allowed for any reason


All students to attend class each week without fail in order to have continuity in their learning
If child is unwell, parents must inform respective class Ustaz / Ustazah
If child is going for short overseas trip during Madrasah term period, parents to submit written excuse letter with their signature to the respective class Ustaz / Ustazah prior to the trip
Students absent from class for 3 weeks or more without informing their Ustaz / Ustazah will be inactivated from Madrasah and maybe required to pay additional fees to rejoin

Dress Code

Male: White knee length kurta shirt, white pants and white cap (Songkok)
Female: Black burka with white Madrasah scarf
Male: White knee length kurta shirt, white pants and white cap (Songkok)
Female: Black burka with white Madrasah scarf

Special Medical Arrangements

Parents to inform Admin Department and class Ustaz / Ustazah if child needs special medical attention and/or is on regular medication

Madrasah Syllabus

Iqrah and Quran Recitation

Iqrah is conducted for all levels regardless of age
For lower levels, focus is more on grooming students to recite Al-Quran confidently and smoothly
For upper levels, focus is to enhance students’ Quran recitation with Tajweed and Qiraath

Islamic Studies

Basic Fiqh (Islamic Laws), Seerah (Islamic History) and Ahlaq (Moral Education) is conducted for all classes
Individual class lesson plans and topics will differ according to child’s age group and learning needs


Apart from the above mentioned, some classes conduct additional lessons (E.g.: basic Quranic Arabic)
More detailed information can be found in the respective level brochure

Parent’s role in Education

Parents are vital in the educational path of the student
Parents have to monitor their children from home (E.g. Quran recitation, memorization etc.)
Parents are strongly encouraged to keep in close touch with child’s respective Ustaz / Ustazah to monitor child’s progress