Indian Muslim Social Service Association
Non-profit organization formed in July 2004
Contribute to religious, cultural and racial harmony in Singapore
About 4000 families benefit from various religious and cultural programs conducted by IMSSA
Strive to continue in this spirit

     Primary Aim

Serve the community and have a positive impact on people from all the different walks of life


Gather, Learn and Serve the communities in Singapore


Foster healthy relationships to form resilient Indian Muslim families
Encourage the Indian Muslim Community in Singapore to be socially responsible
Cultivate character development in our Indian Muslim Community
Be a gathering platform for development of the Indian Muslim Community in Singapore
To create various avenues for the Indian Muslims to serve the nation

Management committee

Vice President
Asst Secretary
Asst Treasurer

11 Sub-Committees

North Division Committee
Central Division Committee
East Division Committee
North-West Division Committee
Religious and Cultural Activities Committee
Racial Harmony Programme Committee
Community Welfare Committee
Health and Fitness Programme Committee
Family Development Programme Committee
Umrah and Hajj Programme Committee
Media and Publication Committee
11 Officers
18 Committee Members

 3 Trustees

 7 Advisory Committee Members

 2 Internal Auditors

 17 Nominated Exco Members

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