To aspire students to become exemplary Muslims and serve the community.



Nurturing today’s young children, Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.



♦ All classes have to start punctually
♦ All pupils are to ensure that the premises used are to be kept clean at all times







♦ Academic for various levels

IMSSA Kids is catered specifically boys and girls from Pre-school, Lower primary P1 to P3 and Upper Secondary Girls. We also have a sub-team that caters to our adult parents (women).

We aim to provide an early introduction to Islam to instill solid, profound foundation Islamic values and good character that aids to develop love for their Allah, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) basing the teaching primarily on the Quran & Sunnah practices. Also, we aim to provide the Secondary Girls and the Parents, confidence in their faith and understanding of Islam, helping them to deal with the challenges of the modern world and also  induce critical thinking among our youth. On the whole, we emphasize the need for success in both worlds; this life and the hereafter.

We strive to give a flexible educational programme, catering to all needs by providing age appropriate stimulating activities with the support of Ustazahs acting as Muslim role models. Ustazahs facilitate the learning of these values by providing opportunities to the students to personally engage in the moral-building journey to eventually shape them into knowledgeable young adults.



Quarterly Meet with Ustazahs

The Quarterly Meet with the Ustazahs is held at the start of every three-month period.. The scope of this meet is to update the Ustazahs on the progress and timeline of events in the level. This ensures that all of them are aware of the activities in line and to plan and prepare for the next three months. Ustazahs are able to voice out opinions and foster teamwork in guiding the students in an organised and planned manner. Moreover, this allows the overall in-charge to be constantly updated about the individual development of every student and set targets for the new semester based on their progress.


Dua Recitation

Students are given numerous opportunities to present to their fellow classmates. One of those, is when students are appointed each week to come forward to lead their daily dua reading before commencing the class. Subsequently, during class time, Ustazahs ensure that every child memorizes dua by encouraging them to present to their class, sub-groups or pair buddy every week. These practices enhance the students’ confidence level to dialogue in a bigger group that cultivates proper delivery. It additionally motivates them to better their delivery so as to be able to present coherently.


Journal Writing

A comeback initiative introduced two years ago, is Journal writing has been implemented this year. Journal Writing will be done during class time. Journaling taps into student’s prior experience and knowledge and is therefore context-embedded communication between the Ustazahs & students. Whilst journal is a form of writing in its own right, students of different capabilities can also express themselves by writing a story or through creative drawing. They can choose to share what they have written or drawn, or they can share an idea from the journal that they would like to explore further with other type of writing (e.g., poetry, story, or letter). This initiative will develop rationale thinking among students where Ustazahs get to learn more about their students. This initiative is further extended to the upper secondary girls as it allows them to actively reflect on the lessons learnt or even certain daily activities. Active reflection has been shown to aid in positive character building due to reinforcement of a thought or a feeling to conscious thinking.


Arabic Syllabus

A new initiative introduced this year of 2017, is to introduce the students to learn and practice writing Arabic words, numbers from 1 to 5 as well as short phrases with meaning. Through this, students will be able to practice and improve their Arabic handwriting and vocabulary words. Volume 1 is made to increase their interest in learning to write and learn the language and to improve familiarity of everyday Arabic words used by the children. This book will gradually be increased in volumes that will include Arabic grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures so as to have a spiral curriculum that promotes continuous learning with step-by-step progression.



 1. Events-based Activities

IMSSA kids are able to experience and develop minor leadership skills during events such as Family Camp and Carnivals as they are often given minor roles to lead the fellow classmates. This opportunity arises in the form of group performances or group managements during outdoor activities. Our secondary girls on the other hand are given bigger opportunities to demonstrate and develop their leadership skills during events such as Madrasah As-Soabereen Family Camp, Iftars and Carnival. By making it a point to appoint different ICs and Co-ICs for each event, and different sub departments, everyone gets and opportunity to lead in different aspects. Along with preparing for and leading activities, they take initiatives to do the activities from scratch, from logistics up till the actual showcase of their creations to the public or the students. Through these events, students and young helper ustazahs gain first hand experience and are being instilled with leader-like characters such as active listening, critical thinking and problem solving skills.



1. Textbook-cum-Workbook that comprises of
○ Akhlaq
○ Fiqh
○ Seerah
2. Iqra’ File
3. Quran Log File
4. Dua Book (Secondary and Parents)
5. Journal Books
6.Arabic Book Volume I
7. Camp Booklet (For Family Camp)
8. Ramadan Kit
9. Examination Papers/Supplementary Worksheets



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