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Our IMSSA Yishun secondary and tertiary girls are divided according to their academic levels. Alhamdulilah, currently we have about 60 students for girls in this secondary and tertiary levels, our classes are held at Masjid Darul Makmur every Sundays at 2 pm-6.30 pm. Our classes are conducted in both English and Tamil languages. In Singapore, Tamil is becoming a language of the minority where lots of campaigns are carried out to encourage its use where our madrasah plays a part in encouraging our students to keep the language alive among the Indian community, whereas, lessons are also taught in English, this is to develop their linguistic abilities in both the languages.

In sha allah, our main aim is to make our girls a all-rounder achievers, not only knowing how to recite & memorize the Quran well, but also to make sure they are socially responsible citizens and future leaders who have the best of characters, willing to share, help and care for the less fortunate. This is also to encourage them to develop a love towards our Indian Muslim community strengthening our ties as one ummah and to create a passion for them in volunteering for the sake of Islam and Allah s.w.t, to receive blessings and rewards from him not only in this dunya, but also for the hereafter.

Wonder what our students do weekly in our madrasah? Here’s a sneak peek to it!

Our students start off the day by reading supplications (duas), asma-ul-husna (99 names of Allah) , kalimas as a jamaath before classes start. This is done to remind them of their purpose & intention of coming to classes just for the sake of Allah s.w.t ,to expand their knowledge about Islam and their responsibility as a Muslim.

Next, Quran recitation, emphasizing on the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters incorporating tajweed rules. Our ustazahs, categorize students into different groups within the class, according to their reciting capability, to drill students on their recitation. Apart from that, we also do Quran memorization, where students are encouraged to memorize surahs from amma juz (juz 30) in the Quran. They are given a target of completing one juz of the Quran in a year. These are all done to ensure that students are able to recite the Quranic verses as it is, to enhance their memory power from memorizing surahs and for them to develop the love & passion towards learning the Quran, which contains the almighty, Allah s.w.t message to us.

We do have tea break time before our asar prayers! During break time students are assigned to bring & share refreshments within their classes every week. It helps to strengthen ties between students, to let them interact with their friends, to inculcate the thought of sharing food with one another teaches them an outside class learning experience to give zakat in the form of food.

After asar jamaath prayers, we get back to our lessons. In our madrasah, there is range of important topics being taught.

  1. History of our prophets & Prophet Muhammad s.a.w ‘s companions
    Students will be taught on their life history, the challenges they faced in the early days of Islam, the lessons that we can learn from their lives & how we can apply it to the daily problems we face in our lives.
  2. Fiqh & akhlaq 
    Fiqh is to teach students about the Islamic ruling on topics such as Wudhu, Salat, fasting, zakat and many more.
    Akhlaq is to teach students on the proper mannerisms, educate them on morals and etiquette based on Islam and our prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)’s sunnah way.
  3. Arabic lessons
    These lessons are for our students to understand the meaning of the Quranic verses, to decode the message behind the magical verses of Allah s.w.t and to understand the beauty of the Arabic language itself where writing practices are also given.

Apart from all of these Islamic studies, we also have peer tutoring after asar, where our own tertiary students will be tutoring the O’level students on the their school work and guiding them in revision. This helps the O’level students to have a more conducive environment with one to one tutoring from our senior girls and also to encourage them tho learn from their peers, in this way we emphasize the act of sharing their knowledge, here again, to mold our girls with the best of characters as a muslimah and future leaders.

“Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) said: ‘The best among you are those who have the best manners and character.”   – Sahih Al-Bukhari (Book 56 Hadith 759)