Qirath & Hafidh Competition 2022

30th October 2022

4 Rabiulakhir 1444H

As a new initiative, the Eunos Lower Primary Boys held their “Qirath & Hafidh” competitions in late 2022. It was a platform to encourage young students to recite the Quran beautifully, in front of their peers, and build self-confidence. To best represent the strengths of different students, both Quranic recitation and memorisation were tested.

Asatizahs helped to train students who were keen to participate. Regular Zoom and face-to-face sessions were conducted to ensure their readiness. Their parents were also equally involved in ensuring their regular practice at home. Mashallah!

On the day of the competitions, select judges reviewed each recital and marked them on common rubrics such as accuracy, Tajweed and tone. It was a certainly a good opportunity to discover upcoming young talents and motivate others. Some were pushed to their limit as they had to recall more difficult surahs with accuracy. It was not a easy task! Yet, the competitors did not give up but persevered.

Thank you to the Asatizahs for arranging such a wide range of opportunities for the students to broaden their horizons in our Madrasah! May Allah (SWT) be pleased with the efforts. Ameen.