Quran Arabic Exhibition 2018

17 March 2018
29 Jamadil Awwal 1439


An exciting Quranic Arabic Exhibition was specially organised on Saturday, 17 March for students from Madrasah As-Soabereen (Yishun, Bishan & Eunos Branches) ranging from Pre-schoolers to Lower Primary children and Upper Primary Girls to the Female Parents Class. More than 200 participants visited and immensely benefited from the exhibition.



Spanning over 8 booths, there were engaging activities in each booth. These included Arabic Alphabet Art and Craft, the Arabic language’s rich history and the Arabic Letters Makhraj Corner, to know more about the various huroofs.



The Arabic language’s rich history booth allowed the participants to appreciate the language better, beyond viewing the Qur’an as the Arabic language. The Arabic Letters Makhraj Corner provided insights on some interesting facts in the Qur’an, such as Surah An-Nahl being the only surah that has ‘Bismillah’ mentioned twice. More importantly, the booth allowed many of the visitors to be aware of the various emission points of huroofs and to correct the commonly mispronounced huroofs. InshaAllah, may the reciters of the Qur’an put in more effort to recite it more accurately and beautifully.




To test the older ones on their knowledge of common Arabic names and their meanings -mainly comprising of Prophets and Sahabahs – enabled many to learn the meanings of the names they usually hear along with the Tafsir of the relevant Prophets and Sahabahs. As a result, the attendees learnt to appreciate the Prophets and Sahabahs better. To further their knowledge on Sahabahs, the attendees also learnt the special names given to certain Sahabahs in the Arabic name corner.





The Primary school children enjoyed the Arabic word search that tested them on their joint letters and good values from the Qur’an charade game in Arabic. Decoding various Quranic Scriptures posed a weighty challenge to many but definitely gave the participants more insight about Arabic calligraphy and its different styles. To enhance the experience, the students got to try out writing their names in Arabic and were able to take it back as a token!




Catering to all ages, especially the Pre-schoolers, the Art and Craft with Alphabets booth provided opportunities for all to remember at least one Arabic word. As they went through the array of hand-made structures that each represented an Arabic word, the children were allowed to pick an image and draw it out. For instance, the letter ‘ج’ represents the mountain (جبل). The children were allowed to proudly takeaway their hand-made end products and share them with their parents.



The most time-consuming booth was the Wordsearch booth. The participants were challenged to search for the Arabic words in the shortest possible time. As a motivating factor, the attendees were challenged to memorise at least half a page of the Qur’an if they failed to beat the targeted time set.



Overall, it was a fulfilling experience where many aspects of Quranic Arabic were explored by all ages! The intent was for all the attendees to bring forward the knowledge to others, whilst growing their love for the Arabic language and most importantly, the Qur’an and alhamdulillah these objectives were met through this exhibition.


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