Rabiulawwal Initiatives 2022 (Eunos)

28th September – 26th October 2022

1 – 29 Rabiulawal 1444H

Masjid Darul Aman is always in full swing when the month of Rabiulawal arrives. Rabiulawal, the third month of the Islamic Calendar, is our Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W)’s birth month. To commemorate the month, weekly activities were curated and arranged to spread the knowledge about our Prophet (SAW). Themes were chosen to guide important conversations surrounding Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Week 1: Kindness & Compassion

To show how kind and compassionate our Prophet (SAW) was, his aḥādīth were shared, in particular those experienced with Anas ibn Malik (RA), according to different age groups. Simple but fun activities such as folding origami hearts and learning how to give forward were done. Even our beloved’s favourite foods such as dates and figs were shared with everyone.

Week 2: Giving & Sharing

In this week, acts of giving and sharing were deeply encouraged in many hands-on engagements. Of note, several competitions were hosted across the different levels in Madrasah. In it, students were encouraged to share their knowledge and show their love for their Prophet (SAW) through story-telling, sharing hadith, and other talents. A special Muallimah Hadith Challenge was also hosted for aspiring young leaders. Other than competitions, activities were done. In particular, there was a “Well Activity’ where students had to pick out their favourite sweet or chocolate from a mock-up well and share it with others.

Week 3: Teaching & Learning

After a busy week, in Week 3, presentations that focused on teaching and learning, were delivered to students.

Week 4: Leadership

To close the month, Week 4 focused on Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s life and his servant leadership. A wonderful exhibition was created!

From a mock-up of the Hira cave to Rasullulah (SAW)’s house, the exhibition was meant to expose students a glimpse of his life, in hopes to inspire them to think more about ways to follow in his footsteps. A total of 4 key booths were prepared:

Booth #1: Family Tree

The exhibition started off with a beautiful introduction to Prophet (SAW)’s family through a life-sized family tree. Key people surrounding his life were mentioned, alongside their key contributions.

Booth #2: Prophet’s house

After learning about his family, the students had a sneak peak into his house – a humble abode. They learnt about his simple possessions, habits and favourite foods.

Booth #3: Ashabus-Suffah

The close companions of the Ashabus-Suffah were then introduced. Students sat around in a circle, pretending to be particular sahabahs.

Booth #4: Hira Cave

Booth 4 showcased a beautiful mock up of the significant hire cave and was created in a way that students could peak through a hole to see a mock Kaabah! And the story of prophethood was shared to all!

Alhamdulillah! It was a beautiful opportunity to celebrate Rabiulawal 1444AH in-person after COVID-19.
In Sha Allah, may Allah (SWT) allow us to continue doing good deeds!