Ramadan Campaign 2016

29th May 2016 Ramadan Awareness Campaign(RAC) was organized  to create awareness about Ramadan and Islam to students in Madrasah ranging from the young  to adult  learners.

Our RAC Offered awareness of Islam by different the set up of educational booth.


P5 students was trained to teach the visitors who came onboard from different classes

The students intense training  led to enhance their improvement of speaking skills and allowed them to fight their phobia

The booth consists of the provision of knowledge which is









  • The significance and the beauty of Ramadan
  • Share concise and beneficial knowledge; verses from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet
  • Enforce the oneness of our creator “Allah”, believe
  • Teach the importance of fasting the 5 senses and controlling our NAFS
  • Taught the concept of giving fitra during Ramadan
  • Everyone was given the opportunity to voice out their Ramadan goals

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