Ramadan Roadshow 2023

18 March 2023

25 Syaaban 1444H

Ramadan Roadshow was a combined initiative that took place across all 4 IMSSA branches. This event was organised to prepare the students for fasting and to give them a keen appreciation of this holy month. 

Our Masjid En-Naeem roadshow which focused on the Quran and its significance during Ramadan, took place on Saturday, 18 March 2023 after Asar. 

There were three booths on display for the students.

Students holding their puppet props!

At the ‘How the Quran was revealed’ booth, P6 students performed a shadow puppet show, narrating the incident behind the revelation of the first few ayats of the Quran.

Students putting together the Jigsaw puzzles.

Over at the ‘How the Quran was organised booth’, the students participated in a hands on activity to piece together puzzles. They also took away key facts about the segmentation of the Quran into Juz, Manzil and Ains. 

Students trying to decode Surah Al-Alaq

Did you know that you get 10 rewards for every letter you read? The students were then challenged to calculate the number of letters in Surah Al-Alaq.

As the event concluded, the students were able to appreciate the Holy Quran and the immense importance and relevance it has for us muslims.