Ramadan Roadshow 2023 (RRS)

After two years of the pandemic, Roadshows could be conducted in mosques again. The theme of this year’s Ramadhan roadshow was “The forgotten roots.” to remain steadfast in one’s true nature. This year’s Ramadhan roadshow planning began in December last year when the four mosques decided to plan what booth to display. This was the 1st time establishing 4 division mosques came together and did a roadshow. 

Weeks before the roadshow, the boys came early in the morning to prep models for the booth. It was the 1st experience for the boys to do hands-on the model as they observed and did content work in previous times. They sacrificed a lot to put effort into models, and with the guidance of Ustad, they were able to build up most of the models.

On 12 March, the day arrived for our Ramadhan roadshow for Bishan. There was lots of prepping work for the various models and booths in the morning. The boys had transported the huge models from the basement to level 1 outside the prayer hall. They completed their setup before Zohor prayers. 

The main attractive models in the roadshow were the camel and the Qurans. The camel model was huge, a real-life scale of an actual camel. Many students were attracted to the camel, and many photos were taken as beautiful memories. Next, a huge Quran portrays a few surah ayats. Those ayats were written by hand. There was also a live Quran doing CPR on a human mannequin to show that the Quran is a good guide for us to follow. It also can save us from our sins by gaining knowledge and advice from it.

Kid’s booths were set up so our younglings could understand better for the roadshow. These booths were set up by secondary boys, which was their 1st time also in preparing models. In the various kid’s booths were mini weighing scales to show the balancing of our deeds and interactive activities for the younglings to have fun.

Not only kids but boys from Yishun Mosque also came to the roadshow to participate. It was nice to see that they showed support for the RRS. Parents prepared snacks and drinks also to show support for this roadshow. There were snacks inspired by the middle east, like hummus dates, etc. which fits the theme for the roadshow.

In conclusion, It was a fruitful day for all who visited the roadshow as they learned something new every roadshow. The ustads and ustazahs who prepared all this will be blessed and praised for the hard work they put in for this year’s roadshow. Inshallah hope the students will absorb and apply the knowledge for the upcoming Ramadhan.