Shaping Leaders of Character

The theme for our Orientation event this year was ‘Shaping Leaders of Character’. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w has said “The best of people are those with the most excellent character.” [Sahih]. Like how Islam always emphasizes on the importance of having a well-groomed character, we want to shape each student in our Madrasah to be the best of mankind with the best of Characters.

About 70 parents graced this event. Our guests for the day were welcomed with a little handmade gift and a big smile by our team of Ustazahs. One of our students from the lower primary level started off the event by reciting a surah melodiously from the Al-Quran.

Our Chairperson Ustazah Aysha Gany gave her warm welcome speech. She explained the importance of coming to the Masjid as a family. She encouraged all parents to join the parents class and to take part in our other activities going on in madrasah, serving the needy and the less fortunate.

Thereafter, we had a nasheed performance by the preschoolers about the goodness of coming to the masjid. Everyone had the widest smiles on their faces as the students sang the first few lines. Parents were quick with their phones to capture the little ones singing.

We had another nasheed performance by the lower primary level. They beautifully explained the meaning of Surah Al-Fatihah; The Opening. As the students sang the verses, it made us all ponder the deep meanings and message from Allah swt mentioned in that opening surah.

Moving on, our Advisor, Hazrath summarized the challenges IMSSA faced to bring everyone, especially the Indian Muslim community together at the Masjid. He highlighted the different activities and events organized by the organization with the aim to involve the Indian Muslims in Singapore as a whole. He encouraged parents coming to the Masjid together with their children to get closer to Allah swt. He emphasized how parents play a big role in guiding their children towards the right path.

Thereafter, our students from the parents class came on stage to share their experiences in madrasah thus far. They gave a wonderful sharing about their personal experiences in madrasah. One of the parents, shared about sending her son to the Madrasah as a young boy and now she is proud to see him as one of the Ustads in our madrasah. Also, she mentioned that she used bring him to the masjid when he used to be young, however now the son encourages her to come to the masjid together with him. Subhanallah! It was really heartwarming to see the years they had travelled with madrasah and how it has made them become better.

Thereafter, our girls level in charge Ustazah Zulaikha gave an introduction of the year 2018. She introduced our organizational structure, administrative matters and updated on the upcoming events for the year. She encouraged everyone to support new initiatives for the year such as parent workshops.

Soon it was time for Asar prayers and break. Alhamdulilah! There was a splendid spread awaiting for our guests. Many enjoyed the variety of food being served. Also, it was a great time for parents to interact with one another over a meal.

After the hearty break, the upper primary girls showcased a skit performance on how madrasah guides a young girl in making the correct choices in life. The performance made the audience realise the struggles the young girls face in their daily lives to practice Islam.

Then, our secondary and tertiary girls did a video presentation about the great women in Islam. They beautifully explained the outstanding quality of the four prominent women in the Islamic history. Indeed they are role models for every woman!  

The last segment of the event was Ustazah-Parent Meet & Greet session. It was held at the level 2 foyer, where the mentors of the respective levels gave a introduction about the plans the team has for the students for 2018. It was a good time for parents to share with other parents and discuss with the ustazahs about the challenges they face in disciplining and guiding their children at home.

In total, this event gave parents a head start on what to expect for the year 2018. We hope to foster the bonds between parents and ustazahs, to work hand in hand to make our students into responsible Muslims with the best of character.

In sha Allah, do look out for our upcoming parent workshops for the year!    


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