Sphere Mindset of Care – House Painting

17 March 2018
29 Jamadil Awwal 1439


On 17 March 2018, the second day of the the 4 days, 3 nights camp for the boys the Ustads and Ustazas of Madrasah As-Soabeeren (Bishan and Eunos Branches) Nurturing Yong Minds (NYM) Team had also planned to involve another group of boys in enhancing the appearance of the 2 homes in the Sembawang area, which belongs to residents from the needy family.



The intent of this project was toSphere the mindset of care for others’ within the boys, especially the old and needy, who can be often neglected by many.



The Sembawang Community Centre (CC) nominated 2 houses to receive a new coat of paint. Prior to selection, the nominees were considered if the house consists only of elderly/elderlies, who have been facing difficulties in upkeeping their homes in the long-term. After working with the Sembawang CC for monthly food rations, the NYM team joined hands with the the volunteers from the Sembawang CC, for this home painting project.



The team arrived at the venue all prepared; carrying all the essential tools on hand. The boys were buzzing with excitement, to be a part of home upgrading for someone in real need. Therefore, soon after everyone was present at the gathering point, following a short breifing, the teams split into 2. The tools and materials were also split amongst the 2 teams.



Laying of newspaper on the floor and taping the corners with masking tape before painting


With all set, the teams set forth towards their designated houses and greeted the residents of the houses, who welcomed them with glee. Following a quick interaction with the hosts, the NYM Team and Sembawang CC volunteers communicated on their strategies and the roles of each. All geared, they gave their shot at covering up the essential areas of the house and painting it completely.





Due to the good planning and effective communication with the team members, both houses were well-painted within a short frame of time, before lunch. As the team perceived that the elderlies may not have the oportunity to eat well often, food that was prepared at the main camp location at Masjid Darul Aman was arranged to be delivered to the houses to have a meal together, as a big family.



The team felt truly satisfied with their work and after learning how they have enlightened the hosts through their acts of care. Let us all share the mindset of care.


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