Stress Management Talk

18 September 2016

Learning to identify stress by being informed of the

Effectively managing and coping with stress, and reducing unhealthy stress are life skills that everyone needs to be equipped with. Thus, a stress management talk was arranged exclusively for the IMSSA Parents Program (IPP) team on 18 September 2016.

Mdm Samira, who is a psychologist, was invited to give the talk to 20 exuberant ladies.


Different Types of Stress Women Face includes Stress in Housewives

She patiently talked them through the different types of stress, and the symptoms and effects of each type of stress. She also shared with them the categories of people, who are most prone to stress. While care is an absolute, prevention is ideal. Thus, it is also vital that we are aware of how to forestall distress. She shared a simple yet effective method to do this: to stop procrastination.

She elaborated that procrastinating all the work that we have to complete to the very last minute would cause us to be in a tensed state as we feel that we have oodles of work to do in an inadequate amount of time. Thus, she highlighted the importance of time management and also the value of time.

The talk really proved to be one that enriched the IPP team’s knowledge on stress and changed the way that they manage stress. This talk has left them eager for more such beneficial talks and they hope to have one soon!

Benefited Attendees of Stress Management Talk


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