Tilaawathul Quran Competition

The long-awaited competition of the year, looked forward to by many, is the annual Tilaawathul Quran competition! Likewise, this year was no less than the previous years! We had the opportunity to conduct our face-to-face competition! With the theme of وَاللّٰهُ مُتِمُّ نُوْرِهٖ, “And Allah will protect his light”, the event was held to uphold the importance of keeping ourselves close to the Quran and reciting it beautifully!

The competition consisted of 2 categories; the first category was the freestyle round where participants read a surah of their choice and in their preferred maqam.​​​​ The second category was where the participants were posed with a challenge to follow the qirat of a Qari’ah assigned to them on the spot. Over 20 Muallimah students participated in the preliminary rounds and only 3 finalists for each category were selected to compete in the final round. The judges likewise the audience were taken aback by the unleashing of the participants’ hidden talents.🤩

Jazakallah Khairan to everyone who attended for being such a participative and energetic audience. We are especially thankful to the Judges for setting aside time to attend and give their valuable feedback to the students! The team is truly grateful for everyone’s energy, determination, and helping hands in making the event a success! ✨

Inshaa Allah, we hope to continue this initiative for more years to come to prepare our students to become capable and confident Ustazahs🧕🏽🤩✨